Completed Projects

​​South Tryon Bus Facility

Artists Alice Adams, R. M. Fischer, Marek Ranis
Integrated Art

​Alice Adams, Bronx, NY
Landscape Architect Teresa Hawkins, GNA Designs Associates
North Carolina Woodland
Landscape, wood, metal picnic tables


Surrounding the buildings is a collaborative landscape designed to contrast with the straight lines of the brick buildings running parallel to South Tryon Street.  The flowers, shrubs, and grass are planted in curving rows and provide color, texture, and varying heights, while the trees parallel the buildings, sidewalk and street.  Behind the maintenance building is a half-acre of woodland preserved by the artist and landscape architect as a respite for the staff.  Picnic tables and a pathway for access make the site an outdoor oasis for employees. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​R. M. Fischer, Brooklyn, NY
South Tryon Bus Facility Clock
Aluminum, stainless steel, clock mechanism

This large red and white "art" clock sits on the huge brick gateway arches where buses arrive and depart from the facility.  The hours are asymmetrically positioned on the red ellipse in white and time is conveyed by the position of the sweeping hands.  In the center, behind the hands of the clock, is a reference to mechanical gear.  The artist designed the clock in response to the building architecture and the function of the facility, maintenance.  The heavy metal, bright color, bold size and shape of the clock are all intended by the artist to honor the hard work required by maintenance for the operation of buses.

Marek Ranis, Charlotte, NC

Glazed bricks​

Two tracks of glazed blue and orange brick travel along the standard red brick façades of the parking garage, bridge connector, administration and maintenance buildings, as well as the gateway entrance for buses.  Inspired by CATS' bus routes, this energetic, colorful brick pattern conveys a sense of motion as it distinguished the facility in a city with many brick buildings.

Routes II
Ceramic tile​

Routes II is a 5' x 6' handmade ceramic work composed of 63, eight inch painted tiles threaded onto a steel wire grid.  Suspended in grid formation at the 2nd floor foyer entrance, the piece welcomes visitors and employees to the facility.  The colorful painted pattern on the tiles references the intersecting lines found on a transit "spider" map, depicting the multiplicity of bus routes superi​mposed on a city block grid.  Routes II continues the theme of transportation and motion initiated in the artist's exterior brick pattern, Routes. 

Photos © Mitchell Kearney