Completed Projects


Parkwood Station Windscreens

The windscreen images are collages from various photos taken by the artist and geological maps. Each will include a timeline composed of images that reference a sweep of geological and biological history with a marker that locates the particular windscreen image within the larger context.​

​The timeline simply presents the rich diversity of  life on earth and helps tell the story of the rare fossil found in Stanley County, NC; an early multi-cellular life form that lived in shallow waters, surrounding land that later was joined to the eastern edge of North America, and became what is now North Carolina. ​

​Click on any of the images for a closer look. 

​The southbound platform windscreens focus on geological history with an emphasis on three specific activities:​

1. The rare, pre-Cambrian, metazoan fossil discovered in the Carolina Slate Belt, Southwest Africa, South Australia, and Russia.​

2. Three Stages of tectonic activity leading to the formation of the Piedmont region

3. The process of gold formation.

​The northbound platform windscreens highlight three periods of plate tectonic activity that led to the formation of present day North Carolina. A subtle outline of the states with an emphasis on North Carolina, orients the viewer in the unfamiliar shape of each ancient landform.

​1. Middle Cambrian Era

2. Early Jurassic Era

 ​3. Early Cretaceous Era