Completed Projects

​​​Mallard Creek Park and Ride

Rudy Rudisill, Gastonia, NC
Brick, steel, aluminum 

​​​Mallard Creek Park and Ride Rudy Rudisill, Gastonia, NC 
Rudy Rudisill has over twenty years of experience creating sheet metal sculptures inspired by historic Carolina structures.  Working in collaboration with Neighboring Concepts, the team looked to the old Mallard Creek community schoolhouse as design inspiration for the driver's comfort station and bus shelters at the Mallard Creek Park and Ride.  Visitors familiar with the schoolhouse will recognize the results: the zinc gray roof with exposed beams, narrow columns supported by short red brick bases, two brick chimneys, and the rectangular shape of the structures.  In the artist's words, "As the rural landscape gives way to development, it is important to retain visual references to our past."

Photos © Mitchell Kearney​