Completed Projects

​​​Eastland Community Transit Center

Elizabeth Indianos, Tarpon Springs, Florida, Artist
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., Engineers & Landscape Architects
LS3P Associates, Ltd., Architect

Colored concrete

​​​Eastland Community Transit Center Collaboration  Elizabeth Indianos

Using swirling, colorful pathways, Elizabeth Indianos enlivens the plaza at Eastland Community Transit Center with her concrete paving design.  The artist worked with the Eastland project team and community representatives to create a design focus for the facility that reflects a place of diverse cultures.  Her contributions instill a sense of vitality and playfulness into the facility.  The project includes passenger shelters, a landscaped open-air plaza, driver's comfort station, pedestrian pathways, and passenger information.

Photos © Mitchell Kearney

​​​Eastland Community Transit Center Collaboration  Elizabeth Indianos