Completed Projects

Chandra Cox​

Raleigh, NC

Nature's Sanctuary

Sculptural fencing, etched windscreens, passenger canopy columns


Chandra Cox​ ​Raleigh, NC  Nature's Sanctuary

The natural habitat adjacent to the Old Concord Road station and neighboring Eastway Park influenced Chandra Cox’s content for her art at the station. Cox designed the 250’ long Birds and Cattails Fencing erected at the back of the southbound platform, collaborating with architect Susan Cole Cannon and fabricator Matt McConnell.  Eight clusters of water jet cut stainless steel birds modeled after indigenous mallards, raptors, woodpeckers, and doves emerge from rows of sparkling green metal reeds and cattails. The birds and reeds sit in an eight foot wide berm planted with tall ornamental grasses and perennials selected by the artist in collaboration with the landscape architect, Kourtnie Vincent.  LED floodlights illuminate the birds at night.​

Under the canopies, each glass windscreen is etched with a supersized image of a dragon fly, grasshopper, ants, mouse, and other critters indigenous to the site.  Cox's colorful metal cladding also has similar laser cut imagery of grass, and birds complementing the etched glass critters.  Noteworthy are the oversized art ants traveling around the bottom of each metal column cladding, whether in yellow or green.​

Chandra Cox​ ​Raleigh, NC  Nature's Sanctuary

Chandra Cox​ ​Raleigh, NC  Nature's Sanctuary

Chandra Cox​ ​Raleigh, NC  Nature's Sanctuary

Artist Bio​

Chandra Cox is head of the department of art and design at NC State University. In addition to her exhibition and teaching credentials, Cox has received several public art commissions over the past decade. In Charlotte, her most notable projects are the Beatties Ford Road Metro Police Facility and CATS Rosa Parks Transit Center. Chandra earned her MFA from Ohio State University in Columbus and a BA from Hampton Institute in Hampton, VA. Cox’s architect and collaborator on this project is Susan Cole Cannon, also of Raleigh, NC.