Completed Projects

​Sharon Dowell

Charlotte, NC

​Halcyon Idyll I & Halcyon Idyll II


Murals and signal house wrapping


​Sharon Dowell Charlotte, NC  ​Halcyon Idyll I & Halcyon Idyll II  Coexist

Sharon Dowell's Halcyon Idyll I painted onto the 11th Street underpass and Halcyon Idyll II at the I-277 underpass are just beyond the 9th Street Station along the pedestrian walkway.

Her art covers approximately 9,000 square feet on five facades facing the sidewalk under 11th Street and I-277.  The 11th Street underpass is 67' wide by 18' high and the I-277 underpass is over 100' wide and 35' high.  Her imagery, created in digital designs at a 1-inch to 1-foot scale, is abstracted from her photos and observations of architecture, construction, industrial elements, and plants.  ​

​Sharon Dowell Charlotte, NC  ​Halcyon Idyll I & Halcyon Idyll II  Coexist

Her art was replicated on the irregular shaped concrete columns using the ancient method called pouncing.  Each digital image is enlarged to actual size, printed on paper, and has small holes made along each line of the artist's designs.  The paper templates are placed on the concrete in sections, and a powdered charcoal is "pounced" (lightly bounced) over the holes to transfer the lines to the concrete.  Each line is individually refined with a marker and ultimately hand painted in the artist's designated colors.   She stipulated six brilliant, custom colors for the art to be hand mixed and painted over a bright turquoise base coat originally applied by the contractor.   Dowell worked with Colossal Media of Brooklyn, New York to transfer and paint the underpass murals.

Adjacent to the underpass mural at I-277, the artist vinyl wrapped Signal House 11 with a vibrant pattern she titles Coexist, complimenting and continuing the aesthetic of her murals. 

​Sharon Dowell Charlotte, NC  ​Halcyon Idyll I & Halcyon Idyll II  Coexist 

​Sharon Dowell Charlotte, NC  ​Halcyon Idyll I & Halcyon Idyll II  Coexist

​Artist Bio

Artist Sharon Dowell earned her BFA in painting, Cum Laude from the University of NC at Charlotte and her MA in Arts Administration from Winthrop University.  Her work can be found in the corporate collections in and around Charlotte. Her work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions in Charlotte, Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta and New York City. She has been the recipient of artist residencies nationally and internationally. In addition to her studio work, Dowell has also been commissioned by multiple local agencies and some national to create temporary and permanent public artworks, adding to her already extensive list of exhibitions across the country.