Art In Transit

Blue Line Extension Education
Exhibition of LYNX Blue Line Extension Art​

CATS held a traveling exhibition of the LYNX Blue Line Extension art proposals from January 14 to February 28, 2013 at UNC Charlotte and from March 8-30, 2013 at McColl Center for Visual Art. The exhibition offered the public the opportunity to view the proposed works and to learn about the artists.

This presentation included proposals by the 16 BLE artists for the 11 stations, walls and bridges, elevators, bike facilities and park and ride lots along the nine-mile alignment. The two locations of the exhibition sit right at both ends of the line, a move to celebrate the joining of these two parts of Charlotte.

When the exhibition moved to MCColl Center for Visual Art, CATS held an opening reception during one of the Center’s Open Studio Saturdays. On March 22, a number of local artists gathered for a public artist lecture at the Center to speak openly about their artistic processes and the experience of working on the BLE project. The panel discussion was moderated by Art-in-Transit Program Administrator Kati Stegall, and included Paul Sires and Ruth Ava Lyons, Chandra Cox and her partner Susan Cannon Cole, Tom Stanley, and Shaun Cassidy. 

The exhibition was timed to coordinate with Walls and Bridges artist Carolyn Braaksma's three month residency at the McColl Center. While in residence, she planned and began carving prototypes that will adorn walls along the entire alignment. Guests were able to enjoy a visit to her studio at the Center while the exhibition took place.

At UNC Charlotte, the work was exhibited at the Storrs Gallery in the Storrs building, which also houses the College of Arts + Architecture. CATS hosted an opening reception on January 16 to welcome students and the public to view the work. UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip DuBois and CATS CEO Carolyn Flowers both spoke at the opening, and the 8 (of 16) artists attending the exhibit were recognized. 

Later on, there was an additional lecture in which artists spoke to members of a gallery internship class, a group of UNC Charlotte students especially interested in the public presentation of art.​​

​Leigh Brinkley designed the exhibition, which consisted of large columns, each printed images and descriptive text from the individual proposals. The columns were spaced out through each of the galleries, an enveloping format that encouraged visitors to walk through and engage with the art.​ The proposals were wrapped around Sonotubes, a construction material used for pouring concrete foundations and columns. As the sonotubes facilitate the construction of the BLE’s infrastructure, this exhibition provided foundational knowledge to the community regarding a future of high quality public art in association with the line.​ 


To learn more about the final art proposals, click here​​.