Art In Transit

Thomas Thoune

​Charlotte, NC
Camden Wall

Plates, vases, glass, and cracked or broken ceramics collected from the community by the artist are recycled into art. Using machine cog shapes for 33 separates vignettes, the 360' wall captures life in the South End. One cog includes an illustrated plate of a woman receiving an award for her extraordinary garden from the owner of the Atherton Mill opened in 1893. Another includes a 19th century male pant sewing pattern, symbolizing entrepreneur Edward Dilworth Latta's men's haberdashery originally located in the former Lance Building. The cogs weave Charlotte's history and lore with present day images and neighborhood scenes.

Click here​ to read the stories behind each of Thoune's 33 Mosaic Cogs. 


​        Camden Wall
Artist Bio
Thomas Thoune is a multimedia artist working primarily in painting and large and small scale mosaic. He incorporates themes of everyday life amidst visual references to mythology, dreams, and spirituality, often using durable and recycled materials that once belonged to community members of the neighborhoods surrounding the site. His education at Central Piedmont Community College was followed by a residency at the McColl Center for Visual Art. Awards include a Visual Artist Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council and a Charlotte Mecklenburg Arts and Science Project Grant in 2002. ​​​