Art In Transit

Thomas Sayre

Raleigh, NC
Concrete, steel, earth

Award-winning Furrow, six large concrete and steel sculptures cast from Carolina earth, pays tribute to Scaleybark's agricultural past. The 18' sculptures were inspired by harrow disks, the agricultural tool used behind a plow to cultivate farmland. The title Furrow refers to the cultivation trench, or "Vee," left in farmland behind a plow. Each disk weighs 11-tons, yet appears fragile, belying its significant weight and density. The sculpture's convex and concave surfaces respond to sunlight with shadows that track the passage of the day. The artist's landscape design for the median continues the agricultur​al theme.

Artist Bio
​Thomas Sayre has produced numerous public art projects that are renowned for their innovative use of material. His lifelong love of natural materials came from a youth spent in proximity of the Washington National Cathedral, where he witnessed stonecutters hewing their raw material into a piece of something grand. After attending UNC Chapel Hill and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, he began creating art while also dedicating time to his own non-profit, P.U.S.H., which advocates better institutional environments for the mentally impaired. Apart from his own public art commissions, Sayre is a founding principal at the multi-disciplinary design firm, Clearscapes.