Art In Transit

Jody Pinto


New York, NY
Light Station 
Fiberglass canopies and benches, steel, florescent lighting, paving pattern

With her team of an architect, engineer, lighting designer and fiberglass fabricator, Pinto transforms the 3rd Street Station with color and light by replacing the four standard passenger shelters and seating with 20 original fiberglass canopies and benches. The green and berry canopies function as shelters, illuminating the 3rd Street platform with sunlit hues by day and florescent lighting at night. A three-color zig-zag paving pattern enlivens the platform.   

   ​Light Station

Artist Bio
Jody Pinto has worked in the public art sector for nearly forty years, completing projects in the United States, Japan, and Israel.  Her designs serve to enhance and elevate a space through highly integrated designs that include innovative use of materials and thorough lighting programs, to name a few elements. She also creates beautiful drawings both independently and as a part of her public art design process, many of which belong in the collections of major institutions, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the National Gallery of Art.  She has won numerous awards and fellowships, including the National Endowment for the Arts, Federal Design Achievement Award, and two ASLA Design Honor Awards. ​