Art In Transit

Leticia Huerta

​Helotes, TX
Pavers, mosaics, windscreens

Huerta designed platform paving patterns, mosaic tile column cladding, and windscreens for 11 stations from Carson Boulevard to I-485. Each station features a unique theme derived from local history, architecture, landscape, industry, and demography. Her Gold Nuggets for Carson Boulevard were inspired by 18th century gold mining; Carson Boulevard was named after a local miner. Arrowood features Indian feathers and snakes inspired by Catawba pottery. East/West, Tyvola, and Archdale stations recognize Charlotte's textile history.  

​Artist Bio

Leticia Huerta has extensive experience creating public art projects, specifically those attached to light rail systems. Her designs involve translating the cultural, historical ideals important to a community into an accessible visual language. Huertas earned a BFA in painting from the University of Texas at San Antonio and an MFA in painting from Southern Methodist University. Her work is in the permanent collections of many institutions across the nation, including the MFA BOston and the San Antonio Museum of Art. During her residency at the McColl Center for Visual Art, Huerta designed her the mosaics and paving plans that appear in many stations throughout the Blue Line, which highlight the rich history of Charlotte and the textile industry.​