Art In Transit

​​​​Alice Adams​

​New York, NY
Landscape and hardscape
2007, 2008

Adams was one of two lead artists involved early in the design phase of the LYNX Blue Line. She impacted the corridor's landscape and hardscape based on her response to Charlotte's indigenous trees and plant life. Her contributions throughout the line include 47 cheekwall reliefs, a unique sidewalk paving stamp, two sculptural benches, concrete scoring patterns, and special landscapes.

Cheekwall Reliefs
Three unique concrete reliefs accentuate the low cheekwalls that separate the platforms from the light rail track. Each design corresponds with the species of tree found on the station platform. The Gingko design is integrated into the four uptown stations. The Hornbeam design is featured at four South End stations. The Skyrocket Oak appears at Scaleybark, Woodlawn, Arrowood, Sharon Road West, and I-485.

Samaras Stamp
The Samaras sidewalk stamp serves as a wayfinding detail, directing patrons from park and ride lots to station platforms. The design is based on the winged seed of the maple tree. It appears in concrete paths at Sharon Road West, Arrowood, and Woodlawn stations. ​

Two concrete benches transform common building material into sculptural seating. At the Arrowood Park and Ride, the curved seating element rests amid fragrant shrub plantings for passengers awaiting transportation. At Archdale, a planter bench at ground level based on the "olean" life symbol found in ancient Mexican codices serves riders transferring between the bus and light rail systems.

Concrete Scoring
Unique scoring patterns enliven bus bays and pedestrian paths from Scaleybark to I-485. 

Specialty landscape designs appear throughout the LYNX Blue Line. Adams' influence appears in shrub and planting configurations, plant material selections, bio-retention ponds, and unique landscaping arrangements, such as Celtic Calendar at Tyvola, Evergreen Encyclopedia at Arrowood, Butterfly Circle at Sharon Road West, and Orchard at Woodlawn. 


Artist Bio
Alice Adams lives in New York City and has extensive experience with public art, textiles, and earthworks.  Her half-century of work in art includes achievements like participating in shows at MoMA and the Whitney Museum in New York, as well as advancing materials like wood and fiber by incorporating them in her fine art projects.  Her contributions to the CATS transit system include landscaping programs, integrated hardscape relief, and sculptural benches at the South Tryon Bus Facility and in the LYNX Blue Line.

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