Art In Transit

Queen City : Playable Space​

Collaboration - s/n, McColl Center for Art + Innovation, Studio 345, CATS Art in Transit

11 x 23 light rail vehicle posters



Queen City : Playable Space is a collaborative project highlighting areas around Charlotte, North Carolina. The city itself is a main character, explored through the varied points of view of the project participants.

During the summer of 2019 while in residency at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, artists Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts, a collective known as s/n, collaborated with rising 8th and 9th graders attending Studio 345 to create a multimedia project highlighting areas of Charlotte. The teenagers worked with s/n to collect video along the LYNX Blue Line light rail system. After the video footage was collected, s/n remixed it into short video segments. Each segment is linked to distinct locations, responding with video, specifically to that physical space.

This project spans multiple platforms. It is comprised of playable prints, where participants can scan printed images, and play the video via their phones. Additionally, the artists created an interactive, playable Google Map, in which these individual segments are tied to their GPS coordinates of origin. In partnership with The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and its Art in Transit program, the playable prints are displayed within the light rail vehicles for passengers to enjoy. This project was also partially supported by the Filmed in NC Fund

Learn more about the project in the video below: