Art In Transit

​North Davidson Construction Fence Mural Project


                                      Materials provided by CATS                                     Community Participants at MCVA                                Community Painting at MCVA

In the fall of 2009 when McColl Center for Visual Art was holding its annual Community Day at the Center, CATS offered to fund and supply all materials for the creation of a community mural if the Center would provide work space, an artist to facilitate the project and community members to paint 60 four by eight plywood panels needed to surround CATS North Davidson Maintenance Facility construction site.  The staff at the Center quickly agreed and provided resident artist Darren Goins to manage the project.  CATS' contractor delivered the 60 sheets of plywood to the Center in time for Community Day. 

 On September 26, 2009, approximately 200 children and adults attended Community Day and worked with artist Darren Goins painting 41 of the 60 panels in spite of rain.  
After Community Day, to ensure that the remaining 19 plywood panels were painted, CATS and MCVA agreed to provide support to Darren Goins to complete the construction fence mural.   The mural was installed by CATS' contractor, Clancy & Theys on December 4, 2009 and the mural will remain for the duration of construction.​

 The following Summer, when a second construction fence would be installed on the opposite corner, CATS worked with artist and CATS employee, Raymond Burton to design and paint another mural. With assistance from the students in the McColl Center's Art Camp and Innovation Institute, the fence became a whimsical interpretation of Charlotte's Skyline, From Point A to Point B.
Artist, Darren Goins' panels awatiing installation
             Students placing handprints on                            Artists, Raymond Burton(L) and                         Panels painted by artist, Darren Goins and community on display
                      artist's skyline mural.                                                  Darren Goins(R).                                                                                 along N. Davidson St.