Art In Transit

Arts & Science Council, The Light Factory - Art in Motion

11" x 28" bus placards


Temporary art projects are an effective way of providing a collaborative experience between artists and a segment of a community.  Art in Motion was an opportunity to transform CATS buses into moveable art galleries, connecting the art with the local community and enlivening the passenger experience.

Nine works of art featuring the photography of Charlotte area students and poetry from local writers appeared inside CATS buses in 2003 for Art in Motion, a collaborative project between the Arts & Science Council, CATS, and The Light Factory that incorporated art in to the transit system.

Working with the theme Connecting Charlotte Communities, The Light Factory sponsored two summer workshops under the direction of a professional photographer to teach local children, ages 8-12, how to shoot their own photographs.  The children photographed images of Charlotte – its people, neighborhoods, and familiar places.  The Arts and Science Council invited nine local poets to respond to the children's photographs with three to five lines of verse.  CATS reproduced the text and images on 11" x 28" bus placards and exhibited the art on CATS buses in 2003.

 All participants in the project represent the Charlotte area.  The student photographers featured were Jonathan Kear, Michael Weller, Caroline Young, Sydney Hale and Eric Hale.  Poetry was included from Kevin Bezner, Linda Calabrese, Maureen Griffin, Irene Honeycut, Rickey Hood, Don Mager, Grace Ocasio, Ruth Sloan, and Chuck Sullivan.​