Transit Planning

​LYNX Silver Line

In November 2016, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) approved staff's recommendation of light rail as the locally preferred alternative for the Southeast Corridor by adopting the LYNX Silver Line light rail alignment into the 2030 Transit System Plan. 

The LYNX Silver Line alignment is side-running along Independence Boulevard to the Village Lake Drive area. The alignment then switches to median-running on Monroe Road, crossing over I-485 and ending at the CPCC Levine Campus. 


As a result of this adoption, CATS will begin efforts to preserve the corridor for future construction, seek funding to begin design and continue the study through Center City to the west. 

LYNX Silver Line highlights:

  • 13 - 15 miles long
  • 13 stations
  • 8 - 10 park and ride locations
  • 7-10 miles of rail trails
  • 34 minute average travel time
View CATS Silver Line brochure: LYNX Silver Line Brochure

The LYNX Silver Line light rail alignment was determined through the LYNX Silver Line/Southeast Corridor Study which took place in 2015 and 2016.
Final study documents:

LYNX Silver Line Alignment & Stations