2030 Plan

​​​​​​​2030 Transit Corridor System Plan

In November 2006, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) adopted the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. This long-range plan consists of multiple rapid transit improvements in five corridors, a series of Center City improvements, and bus service and facility improvements throughout the region.


In November 2016, the MTC approved and adopted a light rail alignment for Charlotte's Southeast corridor, the LYNX Silver Line. This line replaced the initially proposed 14-miles of bus rapid transit planned for the southeast corridor. Information on the LYNX Silver Line can be found here. As a result of the newly adopted LYNX Silver Line alignment, came direction from the MTC to conduct an alternative analysis study for the remaining transit corridors within the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan.  CATS is now currently revisiting the LYNX Red Line/ North Corridor​ and LYNX West Corridor and will present the findings of both studies by late 2018. 

2030 LYNX System ​Map​​

2030 LYNX System ​Map