CityLYNX Gold Line

How to Ride

Excited to ride Charlotte's new streetcar? We want to make sure your experience is fun, convenient and safe. From where to catch the streetcar, to when service runs, to important tips to keep you safe, this video covers the ins and outs of how to ride the City LYNX Gold Line.​​​​
Riding the City LYNX Gold Line: video:
  • Familiarize yourself with the CityLYNX Gold Line map and determine which station is closest to you. The Gold Line connects to the Charlotte Transit Center, providing easy connection to the LYNX Blue Line and CATS bus services.
  • This is a free service, so there is no pass needed. Simply arrive at the station and wait for the rail vehicle behind the yellow textured warning strips.
    • ​There is no need to flag down the rail vehicle. When in service, the rail vehicle will stop at all stations.
    • ​Wait for the rail vehicle to come to a complete stop and allow other passengers to exit before boarding.
    • ​Due to space constraints, bikes are not allowed on the Gold Line. However, there are bike racks located near each station.
  • Once you have boarded, take a seat and enjoy your ride.
  • As you approach your stop, gather your belongings and prepare to exit. Wait until the rail vehicle has come to a complete stop and the doors have fully opened before exiting.
  • ​Upon exiting the rail vehicle, move to a safe distance away from the vehicle so others can board.​​