Picture of First Mile Last Mile program for LYNX​​​​

Charlotte Area Transit System and Lyft, the fastest-growing on-demand transportation service in the US, have partnered in a pilot project to connect riders to the first and last miles of their commute.  The collaboration will provide greater connectivity to jobs and education by supplementing affordable transportation on the first and last mile of a person's commute in areas where transit service may be too far away.  CATS will provide a $4.00 contribution toward the Lyft trip fee to/from the Parkwood Station and JW Clay/UNC Charlotte Station for trips taken within a geo-fenced area surrounding both stations. (maps pictured below)


 Connect to Your First / Last Mile in these Easy Steps:


 Picture of Step One bulletTwo Ways to Participate

  • Purchase a monthly pass via CATSPass mobile app. Within 24 hours, a code will be activated in your Lyft app for use within the geo-fenced area. A monthly pass purchased through CATSPass provides 40 Lyft trips per month.

  • OR


  • Enter the Lyft Station Code into the app. Riders with a current valid CATS/LYNX pass can enter the Station Code displayed at either participating station into your Lyft app for use within the geo-fenced areas. This option provides 2 Lyft trips per month while supplies last.

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  • For customers needing a wheelchair lift vehicle Call 980-721-3440 to schedule your trip


Picture of step 2 bullet point Pick Your Station

A trip must originate or terminate at either of those two station locations AND end or start in the designated geo-fenced area surrounding each station. These areas were selected to fill gaps in the existing transit network in order to provide better access to the region's extended rail system. See attached maps for geo-fenced areas for each station.



Picture of Step 3 bullet point Pickup and Drop-off Locations

​Each station will have a Lyft sign installed as illustrated below to designate the location to be picked up and dropped off by Lyft. Your Lyft trip must start or end at one of the two designated stations AND start or end in the geo-fenced area.

Picture of LYFT rideshare logo 



  • JW Clay / UNC Charlotte Station Pickup/Drop-off Location adjacent to the bus bays located on the backside of the parking deck

  • Parkwood Station: along North Brevard Street just off the station area.


While CATS will provide a $4.00 contribution toward the Lyft fare at participating station, the customer is responsible for paying for any remaining fare in the app.  To participate in either option the customer must have an active Lyft account to receive the subsidized trips along with commuting to and from one of the designated LYNX stations. This pilot program is expected to run through late fall 2018 and provides a new and innovative approach to addressing the region's transportation needs and creating a more connected community.           


wheelchair icon​​

For customers needing a wheelchair lift vehicle Call 980-721-3440 to schedule your trip

*100 Station Code trips available for all customers


 Geo-Fenced Areas for Each Station:


​JW Clay / UNC Charlotte Station Area Map​


​Parkwood Station Area Map

picture of map of gen fenced area. North brevard at Parkwood Street.  west on 16th street bording Brookshire Freeway to i-85 north.  I-85 north to Altondo Avenue.  East on Altondo Avenue to North Tryon Street.  south on North tryon street to Matherson Street.  Matherson to North Brevard going back to the Parkwood Station