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Schedule a Trip


Schedule a Trip

STS implemented a new trip scheduler called Routematch.  Routematch is a convenient way for STS riders to book, manage and cancel trips online.  Learn about our new trip scheduler by reviewing these frequently asked questions.  

Here's information on how to setup your account and start booking your trips.

How to Use Routematch

Account Setup:  From the login page, click Sign Up to register to create a new account.

Note: You cannot have an email associated with more than one account.  If you encounter technical issues during registration, please report this to STS customer service at 704-336-2637.



Account Verification:  You will then see a verification screen. This lets you know to enter your STS Customer ID (formerly your Client ID), given to you by CATS, and your birth year so you can register your account. 


 Email Confirmation:  You should then receive a confirmation email after verification. This email will be sent to the email address you used to register your account.

Note: If you have not verified your account in a timely manner, you will receive another verification link upon log in.


If you don't get an email after registering your account, here are two things you may want to try:

  • Check your email's junk folder for the verification email. 
  • If the verification email is not in your junk folder, go back and re-register and doublecheck your email entry for possible typos. 

Once I have registered, how do I start using the new trip scheduler?

First, log in by entering your registered username and password.


Once logged in, you will see these sections in the navigation menu:

  • My Journeys – shows recent and upcoming journeys or trips
  • Book a Journey – allows you to book a new ride
  • My Account – shows account details
  • Password – allows you to update your password


1.     How do book a journey? 

You can book a single journey or a round trip journey. Here's how:

1.     From the navigation menu, click 'Book A Journey'. Then choose either one-way or roundtrip.  

Step 2.     Select a Pickup address. Then, click Set Pickup.

Step 3.     Select a Dropoff address. Then, click Set Drop-Off.

Step 4.     Fill out your journey details. Journey details include these fields:

    • Day of Departure

    • Choose Pickup or Drop-Off Preference for this journey

    • Select Time for either the Pickup or Drop-Off

Step 5.     Review the journey date and time button (in blue) to make sure your journey details are correct, then click the button to continue.  

Step 6.     Select the mobility type for your Personal Care Attendant (PCA) or your guest passenger (if you have one). Click Done.

Note:  You can add one PCA and up to five passengers. 



Step 7.     Verify your journey details are correct. You can click into any of the boxes to change a detail before you book the journey.



Step 8.     Click Book Journey. You will receive a journey confirmation on your screen.



REMEMBER: Each journey is a one-way trip only, so you must Book Another Journey for a return trip.


2.     Can I book a journey for next week?

You can book journeys for up to 5 days in advance.


3.     How do I cancel a journey?

From the My Journeys menu, click the journey you want to cancel. Click Cancel Journey, then click again on the confirmation screen. You will see a notification that the journey has been cancelled. The status on the My Journeys screen will change to 'Cancelled'.


The status on the My Journeys screen will change to ‘Cancelled’.

4.     When can I cancel a journey?

You can cancel a journey up to 1 hour before the scheduled pick-up time without receiving a late cancellation violation.

5.     Can I change a journey?

You cannot make changes to a journey in Routematch. Instead, you will need to cancel the original journey, then rebook it as a new journey.

6.     Can I book a journey for tomorrow?

Yes. You can book your journey for tomorrow, if you do so between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You cannot book for same day travel.


7.     How do I know the status of my journey? 

 From the My Journeys screen, look for the journey you want status on. Its status will display in the far-right column. The journey status will display as "Approved," "Assigned," "On the Way", or "Cancelled".


8.     How do I view my journey details? 

You can view Journey Details by clicking a journey, then clicking More Details.  

The following are examples of journey statuses you will see on the Journey Details page.

9.     How do I see the map for my next journey?  

You can see the map for your next journey by going to the main menu, then clicking Next Journey. Your journey map displays to the right of the Journey Details section. You can scroll or zoom in on the map for street view.

10.  How do I view all my journeys?

Journeys that have been booked as of August 1, 2020 can be accessed from My Journeys.

You can click the Upcoming tab to view upcoming journeys and statuses or click Past to view past trips and access journey details.


11.  Can I view the most recent addresses I have gone to?

Yes, when booking a journey there is a drop down that shows addresses you have visited frequently in the past.   Then, as you take more journeys, more addresses will be added to the list.    

Note: The number of recent addresses is set to a maximum of 30 addresses.


12.  What happens if I forget my password?

On the main log in page, look for the 'Forgot Password?' link. Enter the email address you registered with. Check your email Inbox (or junk mail folder) for a password reset email and follow the instructions.

13.  I want to change my password. What do I do?

Form the navigation menu, place your mouse on the person icon and click Password.


To update your password, you will need to type your current password, then type in your new password twice and click Update.  


Your new password must contain between 8 and 20 characters and include the following:

  • 1 uppercase character (A-Z),
  • 1 lowercase character (a-z),
  • and at least 1 number (0-9) or 1 special character. Your special character can be any of the following:  # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + { } [ ] < > ? /

 Trip Reminder by Phone

1.     What phone number should I expect for my trip reminder call?

Your trip reminder will come from 704-336-2637 or STS on your caller ID.

2.     When will the trip reminder calls begin?

The new automated trip notification process will begin August 1, 2020.

3.     Can I book a trip over the phone?

No. Now you will book your trips using the new trip scheduler at ridetransit.org. You can book your journey for tomorrow, as long as you do so between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You cannot book for same day travel.

4.     Can I cancel a trip over the phone?

Yes, you can cancel your trip through the trip reminder automated phone call. 

5.     Can I call to review my current schedule?

No. Now you will be able to review your upcoming trips and past trips by logging into the new trip scheduler at ridetransit.org

Frequently Asked Questions