Riding Para-Transit

Picture How Do I Book a Trip?

STS certified riders can schedule their ADA compliant trips using their personal computers by going to ridetransit.org. Go to the top of the menu and select paratransit. This will take you to the STS schedule page.

Screen shot of Welcome screen to book a trip on STS 

  • Begin by entering your STS Certification Number and click on the login button.

picture of screen shop of calendar to select a date for a trip 

  • Next put your mouse in the trip date section to open up the calendar and then select the date of your trip.

Picture of screen shop of new trip

  • Remember, Margaret will call you one day in advance of your scheduled trip and call you one hour before your scheduled trip, so please have your STS fare available and be ready when our driver arrives.

Picture of header for how to review your current schedule 

STS customers can view their trip schedules anytime.

  • From the home screen, enter your STS Certification Number. Then select view scheduled. This will bring up your scheduled trips.

picture of screen shot of upcoming scheduled trips 

picture of screen of banner for how to cancel a trip 

Trip cancellations can be done on your personal computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can cancel a trip for one day or multiple days. If you are canceling a trip on the same day it is scheduled, you must cancel it at least one hour before your scheduled pick up time.

  • To cancel your trip, use your STS Certification Number to log in and then select view scheduled.

picture of screen shot of how to cancel a trip 

  • From the scheduled trips screen, then select the trip(s) you’d like to cancel.


picture that is clickable to starting to schedule trip online



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