LYNX Blue Line Extension to Begin Testing Trains on North Tryon Street

Leslie Blaser


Charlotte, N.C. – The LYNX Blue Line Extension (BLE) project will test trains along North Tryon Street on June 7, 2017. This testing will focus on wire connectivity and strength on this segment of the alignment. The traveling public should stay alert during this time, and obey all traffic signs and signals to stay safe.

Trains will be operating between 5 and 10 mph along the alignment during the testing period, traveling from Old Concord Road to UNC Charlotte. Traffic control personnel will guide cars and pedestrians through intersections during testing. This process is expected to continue through the end of the work week, and is focused on testing power, connectivity with the overhead catenary system (OCS) wires, and track power.  This testing is part of the initial contractor verification to ensure that the alignment is in acceptable condition to turn over to CATS. ​

During this testing period, the public is reminded that safety is everyone's responsibility. Keep away from all overhead wires that power trains. The system carries 750 volts, direct current, and citizens are advised to avoid areas where the OCS is located as serious injury or death could occur. Obey all traffic signals and signs, and cross only at designated crosswalks. Never drive around lowered crossing gates.

The BLE project is expected to open by March 2018. In the coming months, the public should expect to see the installation of equipment signals, crossing arms, additional signage, and road paving and markings. Additional unseen work will also continue, including testing of communications equipment, Operations Control Center work and final safety integration testing.

To learn more about the BLE project and safety information, visit or call CATS Customer Service at 704-336-RIDE (7433).



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