Fares & Passes


*Half Fares:   

People 62 years and up, people with disabilities, with Transit ID or Medicare Card. 
Customers purchasing and riding with a Senior or Disabled ticket must be prepared to provide a valid Medicare card or Transit ID. 
Youth in grades K - 12 with a valid Transit or Student ID - 7 days a week. 
Children 12 and under are to be accompanied by an adult. 
Children 5 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult and ride free. 
The first ride, the ride away from the station where the ticket was purchased, has to be completed within ninety minutes.  After ninety minutes, a patron can no longer use that ticket to ride away from the station where the ticket was purchased.  If a fare inspector finds a patron riding away from the station of purchase outside the ninety minute window, that person could be subject to a citation. The second ride, back towards the station of purchase, can be taken any time before the end of the service day in which the ticket was purchased.


The Charlotte Area Transit System does accept Commuter Checks.  In an effort to better serve you, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines.

  • A Commuter Check is redeemable for transit passes and tokens.
  • A customer with a Commuter Check may only purchase up to 8 passes at one time.
  • Commuter Checks can only be redeemed at the Charlotte Transportation Center Pass Sales and Information Center.
  • If you purchase passes that cost less than the value of your Commuter Check, the difference cannot be returned as change, only tokens or pass protectors. 
  • If you purchase passes that cost more than the value of your Commuter Check, you must make up the difference with cash, personal check, VISA or Master Card.
  • You must use your Commuter Check before it expires.   CATS will not accept a Commuter Check after its expiration date.
  • CATS will not exchange Commuter Checks for cash. 
  • Handle your Commuter Check with care.  It will not be accepted if it is worn, torn or has been tampered with.
College students are considered adults and thus must posses a valid adult ticket when riding.  Most of the area colleges and universities have pass purchase programs through CATS that provide students with reduced prices when purchasing those passes through the college / university.
Bus transfers are valid on LYNX if used with the time indicated on the back of transfer.
Prices and schedules are subject to change.


The LYNX Blue Line operates as a proof of payment fare collection system. You must possess a ticket or pass with a valid date and time in order to ride.  A valid monthly or weekly pass is also considered as proof of payment. Mobile tickets must be activated prior to boarding the train.  10-ride passes and STS yellow tickets are not valid on LYNX services.


CATS' Fare Inspectors and Police Officers will check for valid tickets and passes aboard the LYNX Blue Line.  Remember to keep your ticket handy until exiting at your final destination. Customers purchasing and riding with a senior/disabled or youth/student ticket must provide a valid Medicare Card or transit id. Failure to possess a valid ticket or pass could result in a citation of $50 and you may face a Class 3 misdemeanor charge. If received a citation from CATS you can learn more about paying or appearing your citation by CLICKING HERE​.