Customer Service

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for everyone in the greater Charlotte region by providing outstanding community-wide public transportation services while proactively contributing to focused growth and sustainable regional development.


Successful accomplishment of the CATS Mission will mean that the following conditions are realized:

  • A steadily increasing share of transit competitive travel markets in the Charlotte region choose to use public transportation on a regular basis.

  • The citizens of the region value public transportation as an important public service, which benefits the community as a whole by consistently and efficiently providing exemplary service that meets diverse individual needs.

  • Public transportation employees are seen and see themselves as committed, competent and motivated members of the region's premier public service.

  • CATS is recognized both locally and nationally for its contribution to effective, innovative and community focused regional development.

CATS Quality Policy

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is committed to providing high-quality transit service to our ever-expanding and diverse community.  Quality, safety, integrity, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibility of each and every CATS employee and contractor, as we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and ridership.

CATS Strategic Goals/Themes

In order to achieve the CATS Vision, the following Strategic Goals and themes have been established to guide development and operation of the regional public transit system:

Customer Service Focus

Provide safe high-quality transportation services to all customers, and support our employees in that endeavor.

System Development

Expand and enhance public transportation services to retain current customers and attract new ones by providing services that meet customer and community needs while supporting transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly land use patterns.

Fiscal Responsibility

Ensure cost-effective, efficient and responsible use of resources and aggressively pursue funding partnerships to supplement local resources.

Community Benefits

Provide social, economic and environmental benefits to the community through system operations and improvements, and promote community awareness of these contributions.

Prepare for the Future

Pursue process improvements, business practices, and technologies that will support cost-effective and customer-friendly service delivery in the future.

Invest in Employees

Provide training and career development support that enhances employees' ability to perform their jobs and be prepared for promotional opportunities.

Customer Service

Customer Service

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