​How Do I Get Started?

Contact CATS marketing staff at ETC Int​erest to discuss the commuting needs of your organization, and determine the ETC activities that will help you meet those needs.  There are several ways to participate in this program, which include: 

  • Selling passes onsite
  • Holding regularly scheduled transportation fairs at the workplace
  • Displaying bus and rail schedules in a CATS rack on site
  • Offering employees the Pre-tax Commuter Benefit
  • Employing individuals that participate in the CATS  vanpool program
  • Offering preferred parking for employees who participate in a carpool or vanpool
  • Offering employees telecommute options and flexible work schedules

Once you join, we will help you promote and manage the ETC program at your organization by assisting you with the following activities.

Selling Passes on Site: 
Discount transit passes are a great benefit to offer employees.  To get started, you can open an account with CATS by completing the attached credit application​ and mail it to CATS at 600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC  28202.  

Develop an ETC Marketing Plan:
We will help you develop a customized marketing plan that will create awareness about the ETC program within your organization.

Hold a Transportation Fair:
Transportation fairs are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to talk to CATS professionals about the different commuting options available to them. Members of the CATS Marketing staff will come to your organization, and stay for several hours to interact with your employees. 

Create Marketing Materials:
We will design posters, provide content for newsletters, write e-mail blasts, and print other materials to advertise the program to employees.​