​​Public Agencies/Non-Profit Discount

Eligible Products:

All passes and tickets for CATS and Special Transportation Services.

Eligible Agencies:

Public agencies and nonprofit  organizations whose primary purpose is to provide assistance to individuals and families at or below the federal poverty guidelines. Eighty percent (80%) or more of an agency or organization's current clients must be at or below the federal poverty guideline level.  Once you complete the attached application, please send it along with your 501(c)(3) to CATS, 310 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC  28202.


Eligible agencies will be provided a 25% discount on any combination of passes and tickets. Agencies can provide, to their client(s), transit passes and tickets free of charge, or they can sell them at a reduced price, or for the price that the agency paid for each ticket/pass. Agencies are NOT allowed to charge more than what the agency paid for the ticket/pass. Administration, handling fees, etc. are not to be charged. 

Fares and Passes:

Public agencies must pass the discount on to their clients by giving them transit passes/tickets free of charge or offering them at the discounted price.  Agencies are not allowed to charge anyone more than what was paid, and the tickets/passes are to be sold/given only to clients.  


All eligible agencies must maintain records on the individuals that receive passes/tickets. The minimum information required of each recipient is:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Ticket/Pass (weekly, monthly, etc.)
Amount paid (the amount the client paid for the ticket/pass; i.e. free, $2.00, etc.) 
The records are to be maintained for up to 2 years. Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) reserves the right to randomly verify that records are maintained in proper order, and that eligibility requirements are met.

All passes/tickets purchased under this discount program must be paid for when delivered. Payment will be the total face value minus the 25% discount. Accounts in good standing are eligible to pay for passes at the end of the month. 

All bulk discount purchases must be bought at the Charlotte Transportation Center.

For more information, please contact us at ETC Interest.

Non-Profit ETC Members

Crisis Assistance Ministry


Habitat for Humanity

Hal Marshall Center

Heart Bright Foundation

Hope Haven

Huntersville First Baptist Church

Jackson Park Ministries

McCreesh Place

McLeod Addictive Center

Metrolina Comprehensive Health Center

Pritchard (Piedmont Adult Living Services)

Quality Family Service

Soloman House

Salvation Army

United Family Services

Uptown Men's Shelter

Urban Ministry Center

West Service Center