​​HOV Lanes​​

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes offer another way to escape congested highways and busy streets. The first HOV lanes in the state opened on North I-77 in fall of 2004 to make commuting now and in the future easier for Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents. 

Benefits of Using HOV
There are many benefits to using HOV lanes because they are:

  • Cost-efficient

  • Convenient

  • An alternative to single occupancy vehicles

  • Faster than using general purpose lanes

  • A good way to cut down on ozone pollution

Who Can Use HOV?

HOV lanes are designated for vehicles with two or more passengers such as carpools, vanpools and buses, as well as motorcycles. 

These lanes are restricted to:

  • Trucks with three or more axles regardless of the number of passengers

  • Single occupancy vehicles

  • Single drivers using it as a passing lane

Drivers violating HOV usage may be fined $100 plus court costs. Violation may also result in two points added to your driving record.

Using the HOV lane

To use HOV lanes enter the freeway as you normally would and merge over to the far inside lane. You'll know which lanes are designated for HOVs by the diamond symbol in the pavement and overhead signs. Also double white, solid lines show where to access and exit HOV lanes. 

To learn more about HOV lanes, ​see HOV Info or call (704) 336-7433.