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CATS considers newsracks a good method of distributing news and information and which constitutes a valuable amenity to our customers. However, we do not consider public transportation system property to be a traditional public forum. The uncontrolled placement and maintenance of newsracks can create a danger to the safety and welfare of CATS customers including the obstruction of safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at public transportation system properties.

The safe and aesthetic placement of newsracks coupled with the finite spaces available for newsracks makes it foreseeable that demand for such space may exceed the supply. Therefore, CATS developed a process that identifies locations eligible for placement of newsracks and a policy that includes a Lottery Process for assigning these finite number of newsrack slots. The purpose of this program is to preserve and promote the public health, general welfare, and safety of persons using the City's public transportation system and to foster the aesthetics of the City by providing guidelines for newsrack placement in and around the public transportation system facilities to ensure adequate access to transit services.

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Newsracks Eligible Locations & Placement   

CATS will from time-to-time make available newsrack slots at designated facilities. If a CATS location (bus stops, transit centers, light rail stations, other CATS facilities) is not listed below, it is NOT available for placement of newsracks. Any such newsrack placed in an ineligible location will be handled occurring according to the CATS Newsrack Policy.

Newsracks shall not be bolted or otherwise fixed to any CATS Property without prior written permission from CATS, nor placed anywhere that impedes the mobility of customers or inhibits customers protected under any ADA requirement.
To ensure the good flow of passengers, newsracks must have at least three (3) feet clearance from:

driveway, crosswalk, or crosswalk extension

public work of art

maintenance cabinet

entrance to sidewalk dining enclosure

handicap access ramp

valet parking stand

In addition, under no circumstance can a newsrack be placed within thirty (30) feet of the ballast curbline of any CATS light rail tracks. For a complete listing of the requirements and restrictions of placement of newsracks at CATS facilities please read CATS Newsrack Policy.

LYNX Light Rail Stations: Newsracks or concession devices, etc. are prohibited from being placed on a LYNX platform.

Newsracks Registration   

Prior to placement of a Newsrack on CATS Property, the Publisher is required to register with CATS by providing the following information:

  • Publisher:      Name - mailing address - telephone number - e-mail address (If necessary, the publisher should also provide a designated agent)
  • Publication:   Name, frequency of publication and free or paid
  • Distributor:     Name – mailing address – telephone number – e-mail address
Newsracks placed on CATS Property without first registering and receiving an approved location will be removed pending proper registration and participation in any upcoming lottery process until all violations have been rectified. 

The Publisher shall update information required in this section within five (5) business days of any change of information.  A violation of any provision outlined in the CATS Newsrack Policy may result in removal of affected Newsrack(s).

To register send an e-mail to with the publisher's information, the locations desired, the publication for each location and if an agent will be used (i.e. for distribution, etc.)
Facility Name
​Blue Line:

Area 1

Area 1


Area 1
Area 2A & 2B
Area 3


Area 1A
Area 1B

Area 2A & 2B


Area 1A
Area 1B

Area 1
Area 2

Ineligible stations: Sharon Road West

Public sidewalk only: Woodlawn

​Newsrack Lottery Process

Since there are a finite number of spaces available than there is publications requesting newsrack, CATS developed a process to provide an equitable and random assignment of newsrack slots for registered publications. The first lottery was conducted on June 11, 2008 and most of the newsrack slots were assigned.

Any additional slots, at already established CATS locations, that become unoccupied will be assigned on a first-come-first serve basis using the rules and guidelines established in CATS policy and lottery process. Click on the link below for the full document on the lottery process.

Lottery Draft Guidelines