Riding CATS

​​​​Riding CATS​

Riding CATS is easy.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plan your trip.  Look at the CATS System Map to determine which bus route(s) you need to take to reach your destination.  The system map gives an overview of all the bus service.
    • Obtain the corresponding bus schedule(s)
    • Look at the map on your bus schedule and find the point along the route that is in the most convenient place for you to board.  Not all bus stops are listed, only major timepoints.  There Picture Bus Stop Signwill be a bus stop sign, with the route number on it, along that route within a few blocks of that location.
    • Find the timepoint that is closet to the time you want to arrive, then move your finger along that line to your boarding point.  This determines your departure time.

  • Go to your bus stop. 
    • Be at your bus stop a few minutes early. Look at the headway sign above the windshield for the route number and name.
    • When you see the bus approaching stand near the bus stop sign and have your fare ready.  Be sure to stand where the operator can see you.
  • Have Your Fare Ready
    • Exact fare or a CATS pass is acceptable. All fares are posted on the farebox as you enter the bus.
    • If you need a transfer, please ask the driver.  Transfers are good for 105 minutes.  They are free unless you are transferring to a connecting service whose fare is higher than the one you paid. 

  • Get on your bus. 
    • Allow other passengers to exit the bus before boarding.
    • Generally seating near the front is reserved for the elderly and mobility impaired passengers.
    • You must carry on baby strollers and other small items.  Please do not block the aisles.
    • Lastly, sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Get off at your stop.
    • About one block from your stop gather your belongings and ring the bell.  This will signal to the driver to stop at the next bus stop.
    • Exit through the front or rear doors.
  • Providing feedback or ADA Complaint.
    • To provide feedback or register an ADA complaint please click here for our customer sevice contact info.

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