2022 CATS Transit Pass Design Contest

First Place: Scott Partridge – Local Monthly Pass

Second Place: Angela Lubinecky – Express Monthly Pass

Third Place: Jordan Hines – Express Plus Monthly Pass

CATS asked North and South Carolina residents to submit original artwork with the theme: What Moves You? Entries were judged and first, second and third place winners were selected by a committee of transit staff members and local art professionals based on the following criteria:

1.      Does the design address the theme and promote multi-modal transportation in Charlotte in specific or general terms?

2.      Is the design eye-catching and well-composed?

3.      Is text absent from the design?


"I included both angular shapes suggesting an urban landscape and natural forms. I intended to convey activity and movement. I depicted modes of transit including walking, biking, wheelchair, bus, train and flying," first place winner Scott Partridge said.