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Welcome to CATS Mobile Apps. CATS sponsored apps support the iPhone and Android platforms and provide information to make your riding experience more enjoyable. Below is information on the mobile apps that will provide real-time information and make your riding experience more secure and how to download to your smartphone.



CATS purchasing app icon CATS Pass - Mobile Ticketing App

Introducing the new CATS Pass mobile app! A convenient and easy way to purchase your LYNX ticket using your smart phone. CATS Pass allows you to buy your ticket in advance then use it when you're ready to take your trip. When using mobile tickets, your ticket must be activated just prior to boarding the train.  Buy your LYNX ticket any time, any place. Download the CATS Pass mobile app today!


 Button for downloading CATS mobile ticking app for iphoneButton for downloading CATS mobile ticketing app for Andriod phones







Real Time App Icon Ride CATS - Real Time App


CATS Real-Time App provides real-time information on all bus and rail services. Times are derived from GPS devices located on CATS and LYNX vehicles.

Picture of customers using mobile app


You can also send Complaints,​Complements and Service Request; get Riders Alerts and have direct access to CATS Police / Emergency See Say app. View the in-app “Guided Tour” on how to use the app under the “Help” section. Features include:​

  • Real-Time information for route stops closets to your location

  • Real-Time of the next 3 times a bus / train will arrive at your stop

  • Save your most frequented stops and routes for quick access to get the next bus / rail trip

  • Set alerts to let you know when a bus / train is nearing your stop

  • Conduct trip planning through Google trip planner within the app


 Button to download CATS real time app for iphonesButton for downloading CATS Real Time app for Android phones




Currently Supported levels of Smartphone and Operating Systems

iPhone Android
6s - 9.3.2 (Current) Motorola Dro​id Ultra 4.4 - KitKat
6 - 9.3.2 (Current) Nexus 6 6.0.1 (Current)
5s - 9.3.2 (Current) Galaxy S6 6.0.1 (Current)
Tablet - iPad Air - iOS 9.3.2 Tablet - Nexus 9 6.0.1



Picture of real time app selecting route


Picture of real time app showing location of bus or train

Red push pin icon When you open the app, RideCATS will zoom into your current location on a map designated with a Red Pen Drop.


Green Push Pin IconThe Green Pen Drops designates the transit stops / stations closets to your current location.  Pressing the Green Ped Drop will display the stop/station name


Compass iconIf the map is not zoomed on your location, press the Location Compass icon in the upper right corner.




Selecting a route at a stop displays the next three times a route is estimated to arrive at the stop.


The 3 times are based on GPS data if the vehicle has started the route or it will display the estimated scheduled time until the vehicle actually starts the route and sends real-time data.


Star Icon  Touch the star to make the stop and route a Favorite.

Map scoll icon Touch the scrolled map to see all stops on the route. 






Bus Pen IconThe Live Tracker screen displays a map with the location of the bus/train and the list of stops.


Stops "grayed out" have already been served by the bus/train. 


You can set an alarm to notify you when the bus/train approaches your stop.  Press "Select Stop Notification" and your stop. 


The app will automatically refresh every minute and display the current location of the vehicle.


See Something Say SOmething App Icon CATS See Something, Say Something Elerts App

Help keep our vehicles, stops and stations safe by keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings.  The Elerts app allows you to report suspicious activity directly to police.


  Button to load See Something Say Something App for iPhone ​Button to download See Something Say Something App from Google Play


Picture of see something say something home screen 


When you open the app, you have two choices to make by simply pressing one of the two buttons on the screen to:

1. Report a problem

2. Call CATS Transit Police

At the bottom of the screen are icons that provide additional function including: 

1. Settings

2. Review alerts you have sent

3. Communications received from 

    CATS Transit Police

4. Go to CATS' website

5. More information on app​

CATS Art in Transit App icon

CATS Art in Transit App 


Art in Transit App Picture

Have you ever wondered what the art is all about at your transit stop? Now there’s a way to learn more about CATS’ public art with the new Art in Transit App! Using the interactive map, the app allows you to discover the art around you, while you are using CATS’ services. And you can simply browse the public art collection to learn more about an artist and the projects they’ve created. Download the Art in Transit App today!​


Button to download Way to Go Commute Tracker app for iphone Button to download the Way to Go app from Android

Way two go app icon STRNC RideShare App

Earn your w​ay to rewards with Share the Ride NC (STRNC)!​


Button to download Way to Go Commute Tracker app for iphone Button to download Way 2 Go Commute Tracker App for Andriod


Share the Ride NC (STRNC), CATS' commute tracking platform, makes it easy to earn rewards for choosing an alternative commuting option for work, school or play!

Simplify your trip logging routine at STRNC by automatically tracking every commute you make between home and work with your smartphone. With STRNC, all you need to do is set up your Home and Work locations, turn on your device's GPS, and we'll take care of the rest.

Setting Up the App:

1.   Open STRNC and either log in to an existing account or create a new one using your Facebook Profile or email. If creating a new account, you'll need to input a Trip Profile that includes your typical home and work locations.

2.   When prompted, grant the app permission to use your location. This permission is essential to proper functioning.

3.   Once you complete your profile, you will be able to search your "typical" trip and view the results of alternative mode options, you can log trips in the "calendar" function and view tips.

4. When you log your trips, you can create "preset trips" by selecting the recorded trip and saving it as a "preset trip." You can then reference and use any preset trip to log future trips.  

5. All trips earn the user points that can be used to obtain rewards.

(Specific street addresses are required for both home and work in order for STRNC to detect trips. General addresses such as "city, state" do not allow STRNC to recognize when you've left your home or reached your workplace and therefore the app will not identify or log trips.)