Shared Bus/Bike Lane Pilot Project

In the future, Charlotte Department of Transportation and CATS will implement a dedicated bus/bike lane on East 4th Street.  The dedicated lane will use the existing bike lane and the rightmost travel lane to create a single combined bus/bike lane between South McDowell and the Charlotte Transportation Center. 

Goals of the shared bus/bike lane pilot are:

  • Quicker and reliable bus trips for CATS Commuters
  • Safer cycling for bicyclists
  • Reduce the conflict between cars and bus/bikes by creating a clear separation between these modes of transportation.

The pilot includes:                                                                                                              

  • Restricted use of the bus/bike lane for only CATS buses, school buses, bikes, and scooters.
  • Cars may enter the lane only to make right turns only.
  • No parking will be permitted on the east side of 4th Street
  • General vehicle traffic will be maintained in the neighboring lanes

During the pilot, over 20 CATS local and express routes will use the dedicated bus/bike lane. The goal is to improve travel on these routes which make 396 weekday trips.

CATS Route Detours Include:

  • Routes 6, 9, 14, 15, 20 & 27 will use the bus/bike lane all day. 
  • Several express routes, including 40X, 46X, 52X, 61X, 62X, 64X 65X and 74X will use the bus/bike lane during morning rush hour. 
  • Express Routes 41X, 48X, 53X, 77X, 82X, 85X and 88X will use the bus/bike lane during evening rush hour. 

Drivers and cyclists should look for signs  and pavement markings that will be define the bus/bike lane.  Drivers should yield the right of way to vehicles traveling in the bus/bike lane when changing lanes to make a right turn.

In addition to the bus/bike lane, CDOT and CATS are partnering to pilot a series of "floating bus stop" platforms along segments of 4th St. Floating bus stops are designed to allow buses to make in lane stops without disrupting the flow of the bicycle lane. Bicyclists will continue to travel in a dedicated lane, but must yield once approaching a bus stop to allow for bus passenger pickup/drop off.


The initial floating bus stop will be piloted in October at 4th St and Church St. An additional platform will be piloted at 4th St and Tryon St at a later date.