Special Express Schedules (Operating Monday through Friday Only)

40X Lawyers Road Express
Inbound Outbound 
LawyersAlbemarleCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCharlotteCollegeAlbemarleLawyers
& Hwy 51Park 'n RideTransportation& Wales & WalesTransportationand
Park 'n Ride& Hwy 51
 CenterWay WayCenterThird 
5:47 AM6:03 AM6:26 AM6:36 AM 6:17 AM6:43 AM
6:47 AM7:03 AM7:26 AM7:36 AM  
  4:05 PM4:10 PM4:35 PM4:50 PM
     4:55 PM 5:00 PM5:25 PM5:41 PM

41X Steele Creek Express - no service.  Alternative service on #16 South Tryon (see Saturday schedule)

46X Harrisburg Road Express
Inbound Outbound 
CambridgeAlbemarleCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCollegeAlbemarleCambridge
CommonsPark 'n RideTransportation& Wales & WalesandPark 'n RideCommons
 CenterWay WayThird 
7:00 AM7:20 AM7:43 AM7:53 AM 4:40 PM4:45 PM5:10 PM5:30 PM
8:00 AM8:20 AM8:43 AM8:53 AM 5:40 PM 5:45 PM6:10 PM6:30 PM

47X Huntersville Greenhouse Express
Inbound Outbound 
JW ClayMetrolina MetrolinaJW Clay 
StationGreenhouse GreenhouseStation 
6:20 AM6:45 AM
  4:15 PM4:40 PM  

48X Northcross  Express
Inbound Outbound 
NorthcrossChurchChurchMcDowell McDowellCharlotteCollegeCollegeNorthcross
Park 'n Rideand 9thand Trade& 3rd & 4thTranportationand 3rdand 9thPark 'n Ride
6:52 AM7:16 AM7:20 AM7:26 AM 6:15 AM6:19 AM6:47 AM
7:52 AM8:16 AM8:20 AM8:26 AM 7:15 AM7:19 AM7:47 AM
4:51 PM5:19 PM5:22 PM5:31 PM 4:10 PM4:15 PM4:19 PM4:46 PM
5:54 PM6:22 PM6:25 PM6:34 PM 5:13 PM 5:18 PM5:22 PM5:50 PM

52X Idlewild  Express
Inbound Outbound 
MargaretIdlewildCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCollegeIdlewildSt. John'sMargaret
WallaceandTransportation& Wales & WalesandandChurchWallace
 IndependenceCenterWay WayThirdIndependencePark 'n Ride 
7:25 AM7:33 AM7:48 AM7:58 AM 4:18 PM4:23 PM4:43 PM4:51 PM4:56 PM
8:10 AM8:18 AM8:33 AM8:43 AM 5:08 PM5:13 PM5:33 PM5:41 PM5:46 PM
Makes all inbound stops, including St. John's Church (schedule locations edited for brevity)

53X Northlake  Express
Inbound Outbound 
Ridge RdNorthlakeChurchMcDowell McDowellCollegeCollegeNorthlakeRidge Rd
Park 'n RidePark 'n Rideand 9th& 3rd & 4thand 3rdand 9thPark 'n RidePark 'n Ride
6:55 AM7:08 AM7:26 AM7:36 AM 4:05 PM4:10 PM4:13 PM4:34 PM4:47 PM
7:55 AM8:08 AM8:27 AM8:37 AM 5:05 PM5:10 PM5:14 PM5:35 PM5:49 PM

61X Arboretum Express - no service.  Alternative service on #14 Providence Rd (see #14 Saturday schedule, no service to Waverly)

62X Rea Road  Express (makes all regular Rea Road Express stops)
Inbound Outbound 
SaintCarmelCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCharlotteMcDowellCarmelSaint
MatthewsandTransportation& Wales & WalesTransportationandandMatthews
ChurchSharonviewCenterWay WayCenter3rd StreetSharonviewChurch
6:45 AM7:02 AM7:24 AM7:34 AM 6:38 AM7:01 AM7:19 AM
7:25 AM7:42 AM8:04 AM8:14 AM  
  4:25 PM4:33 PM4:58 PM5:13 PM
5:22 PM5:41 PM6:09 PM  5:10 PM 5:18 PM5:43 PM5:58 PM

63X Huntersville  Express
Inbound Outbound 
Park 'n Rideand 9thand Trade& 3rd & 4thTranportationand 3rdand 9thPark 'n Ride
7:09 AM7:30 AM7:34 AM7:40 AM 6:37 AM6:41 AM*7:06 AM
8:14 AM8:36 AM8:40 AM8:46 AM 7:42 AM7:46 AM*8:11 AM
4:53 PM5:19 PM*5:22 PM5:31 PM 4:18 PM4:23 PM4:27 PM4:49 PM
5:45 PM6:11 PM*
6:14 PM6:23 PM 5:10 PM 5:15 PM5:19 PM5:41 PM
* via Gilead and Reese Road Office Park* via Gilead and Reese Road Office Park

64X Independence Express
Inbound Outbound 
MatthewsIndependenceCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCollegeIndependenceMatthews
Park 'n Ride& Village LakeTransportation& Wales & Walesand& Village LakePark 'n Ride
 CenterWay WayThird 
7:00 AM7:07 AM7:25 AM7:35 AM  
8:00 AM8:06 AM8:24 AM8:34 AM 4:15 PM4:20 PM4:42 PM4:50 PM
  5:10 PM5:15 PM5:37 PM5:45 PM
5:03 PM5:16 PM5:29 PM       

65X Matthews Express - no service.  Alternative service on #27 Monroe Road (See #27 Saturday Schedule)

74X Union County Express
Inbound Outbound 
MonroeUnionCharlotteJohnson JohnsonCharlotteCollegeUnionMonroe
CrossingTown CenterTransportation& Wales & WalesTransportationandTown CenterCrossing
Park 'n Ride
CenterWay WayCenterThirdPark 'n Ride
6:15 AM6:30 AM7:05 AM7:15 AM 6:20 AM7:00 AM
7:10 AM7:25 AM8:00 AM8:10 AM  
  4:13 PM4:18 PM4:53 PM5:08 PM
5:34 PM 6:34 PM  5:23 PM 5:28 PM6:03 PM6:18 PM

77X North Meck Express
Inbound Outbound 
DavidsonCorneliusChurchMcDowell McDowellCharlotteCollegeCorneliusDavidson
GatewayPark 'n Rideand 9th& 3rd & 4thTranportationand 9thPark 'n RideGateway
Park 'n Ride CenterPark 'n Ride
6:55 AM7:14 AM7:43 AM7:53 AM 6:22 AM6:26 AM6:52 AM
8:01 AM8:20 AM8:49 AM8:59 AM 7:27 AM7:31 AM
7:57 AM
5:18 PM5:44 PM5:56 PM 4:18 PM4:27 PM4:54 PM5:13 PM
6:19 PM 6:45 PM6:57 PM 5:19 PM 5:28 PM5:55 PM6:14 PM
All trips via Cornelius Town HallAll trips via Cornelius Town Hall


82X Rock Hill Express
White St.ManchesterBaxterCarowindsJohnson3rd Street 
Park 'n RideCinemaVillagePark 'n Ride& Walesand 
6:10 AM6:16 AM6:30 AM6:45 AM7:06 AM7:16 AM 
7:00 AM7:06 AM7:20 AM7:35 AM8:00 AM8:10 AM 
4th StreetJohnsonCarowindsBaxterManchesterWhite St 
and& WalesPark 'n RideVillageCinemaPark 'n Ride 
4:10 PM4:20 PM4:45 PM4:55 PM5:02 PM5:12 PM 
5:10 PM5:20 PM5:45 PM5:55 PM6:02 PM6:12 PM 

85X Gastonia Express
GastoniaAbbyJohnson &McDowellCharlotte 
TransitPlazaWales Way& 3rdTransit 
6:35 AM6:51 AM7:13 AM7:23 AM 
7:20 AM7:38 AM8:00 AM8:10 AM 
5:14 PM5:29 PM5:54 PM 
andTransit& WalesPlazaTransit Center 
4:10 PM4:12 PM4:20 PM4:44 PM5:02 PM 
5:10 PM5:12 PM5:20 PM5:44 PM6:02 PM 

88X Mountain Island Express - no service.  Alternative service on #1 Mt Holly Road (See #1 Mt Holly Saturday schedule)