Fare Capping

Fare capping web banner

fair capping rewards riders with a free
upgrade to a local monthly pass after
they pay the equivalent amount and other
fares here's how it works to take
advantage of this cost-saving benefit
you must use the catspass app to pay for
each trip customers will automatically
receive a local monthly pass loaded to
their cat's past wallet for free
unlimited rides for the remainder of the
starting the day after they have
purchased an activated 88 dollars worth
of eligible tickets you can purchase a
combination of one ride one day or
weekly passes to reach the 88 dollar
threshold the upgrade to the monthly
pass is only for the current month you
are purchasing tickets
at the start of the following month your
fare capping will reset
the catspass app is available in the
google play and apple app store download
it today to start purchasing your
tickets and take advantage of fair