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Red Line White Papers

The Red Line White Paper is a study conducted by NCDOT and the Charlotte Area Transit System to evaluate the Impacts of the Norfolk Southern Passenger Rail Policy on the LYNX Red Line Corridor.  The original basis of the Red Line design assumed freight and commuter service could jointly utilize the existing tracks. CATS and NSR could both operate on the corridor, utilizing temporal separation to clearly facilitate both freight and commuter rail service.

Norfolk Southern’s new passenger rail policy preserves the entire O-Line corridor for freight operations and would require tracks for the Red Line to be constructed adjacent to the existing O-Line tracks. This scenario would have a significant impact:

a. on the Red Line’s project scope and costs

b. and encroach on adjacent communities

The impact of a constructing another rail track for the Red Line would represent a major change in scope and magnitude for the project and to the adjacent communities along the corridor.  This report outlines the different scenarios under this new policy.​

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