Safety and Security

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Safety & Security Begins With You

When it comes to safety, we can always use an extra set of eyes. We know our customers are often the first to observe safety and security concerns, so CATS has a new app for iPhone and Android phones. By downloading the FREE, CATS See Something, Say Something App, you can directly call the police, instantaneously report a problem and receive safety alerts.

The CATS See Something, Say Something App allows you to report:

  • Crime in progress
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Robbery or Threat
  • Power outage
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Assault or Fighting​​

​​Be aware of people who:

  • Appear lost
  • Loiter, stare or watch others
  • Pace or appear nervous
  • Attempt to get into areas that are off limits

Report people who:

  • Carry a weapon or suspected weapon
  • Act in a disorderly manner or disturb others
  • Quickly exit after abandoning a package

Reporting Emergencies

To report illegal or suspicious activity, call 9-1-1. In the event of an emergency, always follow the instructions of a uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel, police officer or fire official.

On a LYNX Train or Streetcar: Notify any uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel or police officer. You can also use the emergency intercom inside the vehicle on either end of the light rail train. This will connect you to the train operator. If you’re riding the streetcar, notify the operator immediately.​

At a LYNX Station: Notify any uniformed CATS Safety and Security personnel or police officer. All LYNX Stations are equipped with emergency blue light phones that connect to emergency responders.

On a CATS Bus or at a stop: Notify the bus operator immediately; The bus operator does have access to a silent alarm system that when activated, contacts CATS main operations control center. When the alarm is activated the destination sign on the bus will change to "Emergency" and the outside lights of the bus will flash letting the police know the alarm has been activated.

CATS’ continues to take steps to improve and enhance its safety and security. While we are working to keep you safe, we ask that you do the same.

Remember, it’s your call. Safety and security begins with you. If you see something, say something. Alert CATS Safety and Security Personnel, a police officer, a train or bus operator, or call 9-1-1 if you see illegal or suspicious activity. Do your part to help keep CATS safe.