Marketing & Communications Division

The Marketing and Communications Division provides relations, communications, and marketing support to the Public Transit Department.  It manages CATS customer service activities, conducts market research, develops sales and promotional activities and materials, conducts public involvement and community relations activities, manages public image development, and manages media relations for the Public Transit Department.

Key Ongoing Activities

Customer Services

  • Design, updating, production and distribution of printed information materials including public timetables, maps, brochures, flyers, newsletters, information displays, etc.

  • Transit Center Customer Service Center operation and administration.

  • Trip planning services.

  • Website administration.

  • Administration of "Rider Alerts".

  • Transit Call Center operation and administration.

Market Research

  • Conduct periodic market research covering current and prospective customers.

  • Development of marketing strategies and actions to address gaps in satisfaction.

  • Preparation of ridership reports.

  • Analyses of trends in ridership, demographic factors, research results, customer and citizen complaints

Sales and Promotions

  • Pass program development and administration.

  • ETC Program management.

  • Development and implementation of promotional themes, campaigns and events.

  • Advertising agency liaison and contract administration.

  • Graphic design services.

  • Development of new service products.

  • Work First Program Liaison.

Ridematching Program

  • Promotion and administration of ridematching activities.

Public and Media Relations

  • Development and implementation of public relations strategies, activities and events for current and programmed transit operations.

  • Press release preparation.

  • Media contacts handling and general relation.

  • Development and execution of department-wide marketing, communications and public involvement plans


  • Budget administration.

  • Employee relations and training.

  • Contract administration.

  • Strategic planning for marketing and communications activities.

  • Liaison with Corporate Communications.​