​​CATS Leadership Team

Picture of John Muth Deputy Director for Development

John Muth

Deputy Director for Development

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Development Division
Key Ongoing Activities

Under John M. Muth, Deputy Director for Development and Chief Development Officer, the Development Division of CATS has the lead in planning for and creating Charlotte's rapid transit system. The 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan includes bus rapid transit guideways, light rail transit, streetcar lines, and commuter rail services. The System Plan will be an integral part in the sustainability of the fast-growing Charlotte region. 

Picture of Larry Kopf Chief Operations Planning Officer
Larry Kopf
Chief Operations Planning Officer

Larry Kopf leads the Service Planning division responsible for the short-range service planning projects, service scheduling and the Countywide Transit Services Plan, designed to adjust services as appropriate to meet the changing needs of the population along with coordinating with other divisions in long range planning.

Picture of Tangee Mobley General Manager of Bus Operations 

Allen Smith

Deputy Director of Transit

Chief Operating Officer

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Allen Smith is Deputy director of Transit, and has an outstanding record of achievement in the areas of rail start-ups, revenue operations, customer service, crisis management, effective communication and management of key operating personnel while developing employees, driving business needs, improving on-time performance and significantly impacting growth and ridership for CATS


Gary Lee

Interim General Manager Rail Operations,


Gary Lee serves as Interim General Manager of Rail Operations for the LYNX Blue Line light rail and CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar systems. The rail division is responsible for operating and maintaining the light rail and street car services, rail cars, track, signal, traction power and maintenance of way systems. The rail division works closely with CATS Safety & Security to ensure a safe service. The rail division also collaborates in all phases of development of rail expansion, including streetcar services, and CATS-wide facilities management.

Ken Chapman

General Manager Safety and Security,


Ken Chapman is the General Manager of CATS Safety and Security division that develops and implements responsible and efficient safety culture of all passengers, employees and contractors interacting along the entire system. This division, specializes in multiple areas of safety and security expertise, and provides safety oversight, certification and coordination of anyone in contact with the transit infrastructure and facilities. 

Picture of ​Blanche Sherman  Chief Financial Officer

​Blanche Sherman

Chief Financial Officer

Blanche W. Sherman is director of the Administration Division, which develops and manages CATS' annual budgets, State and Federal grants, financial reporting, and external financing activities within the Public Transit Department. The Administration Division also provides procurement and contract administration services ensuring CATS compliance with Federal, State and local procurement laws and regulations.

Picture of Tangee Mobley General Manager of Bus Operations 

Tangee Mobley

General Manager of Bus Operations

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Bus Operations Division
Key Ongoing​ Activities

Tangee Mobley leads the Bus Operations division responsible for bus service, services for the disabled community and vanpool services. With a focus on customer service, the operations staff provides over 20 million rides each year to residents of Cha​rlotte and the surrounding counties. Responsibilities include the efficient and safe operating of bus, para-transit and vanpool services, fleet planning and maintenance, and coordinating with other divisions in long range planning.