Development Division

The Development Division maintains responsibility for planning, coordination, development, and management of new public transit projects.  The Division:

  • Serves as liaison with local, State and Federal agencies.

  • Conducts research, studies, and long range transportation planning.

  • Administers planning, engineering, design, procurement and development activities involved in capital projects.

  • Conducts public involvement and community relations activities.

  • Represent transit interests in policy development.

Key Ongoing Activities 

Transportation Planning and Coordination 

  • Provide public transportation input into the region's transportation planning process.

  • Serve as liaison to MUMPO/TCC and surrounding MPO's.

  • Coordinate with CDOT, NCDOT, and SCDOT transportation planning activities.

  • Prepare Federal and State required updates and reports on public transportation planning activities.

  • Coordinate with County and Town representatives on transportation planning activities.

  • Prepare updates of the public transportation elements of the 2025 Transit/Land Use Plan.

  • Conduct public transportation systems planning activities.

Land Use Planning and Coordination

  • Provide public transportation input into the area's land use planning process.

  • Review development and rezoning proposals for conformance with plans and transit-oriented development principles and concepts.

  • Coordinate with CMPC, Town and County representatives on land use policy and planning activities.

  • Project Development and Management

  • Develop plans for implementation of passenger facilities contained in long-range plans.

  • Administer rapid transit project conceptual engineering, and final design and procurement activities.

  • Manage bus passenger facility engineering and design and oversee construction activities.

  • Develop and manage bus route facilities program in cooperation with the Operations Division.

  • Administer a Public Art in Transit Program.

  • Coordinate with E/PM, CMPC, CDOT, CMPD and Neighborhood Development on project development and implementation activities.

  • Coordinate with NCDOT, SCDOT, County and Town representatives on project development and implementation activities.

Public Involvement

  • Conduct public involvement and community relations activities in support of transportation/land-use planning and project implementation efforts.