Established in 2000, the CATS Bus Operating Division is managed by Transit Management of Charlotte, Inc.  This operation consists of over 800 employees, including ovmer 500 professional Bus Operators.  As the largest transit system between Washington D.C. and Atlanta, we operate approximately 75,000 weekday trips utilizing nearly 300 buses and 65 plus routes.  That’s over 21 million passenger trips a year!


Our mission is clear.  Every day – every employee seeks to improve the quality of life for everyone in the greater Charlotte region by providing outstanding community-wide public transportation services while proactively contributing to focused growth and sustainable regional development.


To accomplish this, we have a Vision to:

• Steadily increase the share of transit competitive travel markets in the Charlotte region who choose to use public transportation on a regular basis.

• The citizens of the region value public transportation as an important public service, which benefits the community byconsistently and efficiently providing exemplary service that meets diverse individual needs.

• Public transportation employees are seen and see themselves as committed, competent and motivated members of the region's premier public service.

• CATS is recognized both locally and nationally for its contribution to effective, innovative and community focused regional development.

In order to deliver on this promise, we offer community programs like Clear the Air, Wheels of Learning and Seniors in Motion.


We also have a firm belief in investing in our Employees by providing training and career development support that enhances employees' ability to perform their jobs and be prepared for promotional opportunities.

If you want to explore being a part of our team  Apply here. 



Picture of LYNX Train at station with passengers entering and exiting