​​​Administration Division

The Administration Division delivers quality business services which promote the mission and vision of the Charlotte Area Transit System.  It develops and manages CATS program budgets, grant financing, and financial and human resources activities; support governance activities; liaises with Federal, State and other agencies; provides procurement and contract administration services; insures CATS compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations; and designs and implements the alignment of information technology with CATS' business needs and the City's 10 Best Practices.

Key Ongoing Activities

Financial Management

  • Develop and manage CATS annual transit program operating budgets and long range capital improvement plans.

  • Develop long range financial plans in support of rapid transit development.

  • Conduct financial analysis and report preparation.

  • Mange grant applications and administration.

  • Develop financial policies.

  • Liaise with FTA, NCDOT and other agencies on grant funding.

  • Liaise with City Finance, Budget, Human Resource and Business Support Services.

  • Maintain cost of services data.

  • Maintain National Transit Database.

Administrative Management

  • Administer procurement and contract activities.

  • Provide human resources, payroll and benefits services.

  • Provide Information Technology planning and implementation.

  • Conduct facility (administrative offices) planning.

  • Oversee Performance Review process.