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Candidate requests for information

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Candidates for mayor and city council may request information about city services, programs and more. Please note: Any information released due to requests from candidates or citizens must be made available to all candidates.

You can view all information released by the City of Charlotte resulting from information requests below.

How to make an information request

Please do not contact individual departments or staff, as this may delay your request. 

When making a request, please complete the online Candidate r​equest form>>

Information and resources for candidates​

Note: This page will be updated throughout the filing period. Please check back for updates.


City's response

​List of 2019 Neighborhood Matching Grants.


​Disclosure of most recently adopted budget.


​Map of 17 opportunity zones within Charlotte.


Requested a list of infrastructure projects planned to bid between now and the end of fiscal year 2020.

City's response

​Please refer to the following documents:

An email from November regarding Charlotte policy

A PowerPoint​ from a Council briefing in February

A civil liberties resolution from 2015

An immigration memo​ from 2016

All of these items are public records and have been previously distributed.​


​Talking points for one year later website.


​Copy of a study of employee pay by gender in the Broadband Pay Plan.

​This study was originally provided to council on July 1, 2016. View the city's response here.​ 


​A list of unfunded capital needs for FY2018.

City's response

​Can you please provide an updated document that summarizes crime activity for Charlotte City Council districts 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 from 2011 to present.

​Please refer to this document​ for the information requested.


​Is Charlotte a "sanctuary city?" Can CMPD describe how our officers currently handle an arrest of any citizen who is of foreign descent? Please provide training instructions and/or CMPD policies on this matter.

​Please see CMPD's response​ to your question.


​Could you let me know the history of any council- or mayor-appointed citizen task force on crime and public safety done by the City of Charlotte? This would include task forces created by CMPD, the city manager, the mayor or city council. Please provide any reports generated or recommendations provided to city council/mayor and/or CMPD.

​Please review this document​.


​Requesting information regarding the establishment of an infrastructural trust by the City of Charlotte

While the City of Charlotte doesn't have a program that mirrors Chicago, there are several programs which range from tax increment financing (TIF) to business investment grants. Links to information on those programs and services are provided below.

Also, listed below are links to articles regarding the Chicago program.


Please provide minutes from a #cltcc legislative breakfast (with our Meck delegation) in room 267. I know it occurred sometime between November 5 and December 10, 2009. Then-mayor Pat McCrory was presiding at that breakfast. Also, then-senator Dan Clodfelter attended too.


​I'd like details for 2015 pay and benefits for the following City of Charlotte employees:

  • ​The lowest paid full-time City employee
  • The highest paid full-time City employee
  • That individual's title & division within the City
  • Their starting salary 2015
  • Health insurance (amount paid for by employee & portion paid by the City, assuming non-nicotine user)
  • Health insurance for spouse and dependents (amount paid by employee and portion paid by City, assuming non-nicotine user)
  • Defined benefit retirement plan (amount contributed on behalf of employee to the state of NC retirement plan)
  • Defined contribution 401(k) plan (amount contributed on employees' behalf, if they contribute or not, and the employer matching portion up to what percentage)
  • Details of group life, disability and long-term care insurance (portion paid by employee and by employer)
  • Wellness benefit/incentive programs offered and the portion paid by employee and employer
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • Voluntary benefits - what benefits, if any, are available to each employee that they could pay for and obtain via payroll deduction?
  • If applicable, is bonus or incentive compensation available for performance? If so, approximate ranges?
  • If Human Resources were to provide each of these employees an annual summary statement illustrating the "total" compensation portion paid by the City on their behalf, what would the total amount be for these two employees (excluding bonus/incentive pay)?
  • Finally, if Human Resources were to calculate the hourly pay rate for each of these two employees and the total compensation paid for on their behalf, what would that amount to? Please share a breakdown of your calculations to arrive at an hourly rate.

​Please refer to the following documents:

Lowest- and highest-paid City employees

Benefits summary for 2015


Please provide an overview of funding for school resource officers for FY2016

​Please see attached document.

FY16 SRO Funding Summary.pdf


Can I get an explanation of what each of these top 5 are?  Also, there’s no detail as to which districts the code enforcement violations are coming from?  Finally, there's almost a 60% reduction from 14 to 15' in "customary home occupation"   What occurred to see such a dramatic drop?

We have broken down the figures according to districts as you requested, and below is a description of the zoning violations.  We assumed the nuisance violations were clear.  Also the numbers for the Customary Home Occupation for 2015 are low  because these figures reflect the calendar not fiscal year.  The current 2015 figures indicate violations to date. And also there was a staff vacancy in the position which probably contributed to the decreased numbers. 

Types of Violations

•Customary Home Occupation:  Home based business violation noted where the occupant owner has not obtained a zoning use permit or if there is a permit, there is a violation of the permit requirements.

No required Permit:  This is a violation where a structure and/or use has been added to a property and the necessary permits and/or approvals have not been obtained.

Prohibited Signs:  Signs that are portable in nature are not allowed. (small signs on stakes, wind feathers, pennants, wind socks)

Uses Permitted by Right(residential):  For residential properties, violations occurred when uses have been added that are not considered to be a principal use (such  as a dwelling unit).

​•Commercial Vehicles:  This violation occurs when commercial vehicles in residential districts are cited in violation of the zoning ordinance due to location and size.

Zoning "Z" Codes, and descriptions​


​Please provide a listing of train/pedestrian/vehicle collisions along the Norfolk-Southern rail line from Orr Road up to Harrisburg, NC corridor from FY2011 to present. Please include the number of fatal injuries.

​Please refer to this document.


​Please provide a summary of neighborhood matching grants, facade improvement grants, security grants and brownfield grants in Council districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 from 2011 to present.

​Please refer to this document​, which lists neighborhood matching grants, and this document​, which lists other grant activity during the time period requested. ​Also, these documents provide an overview of economic activity in district 3 over the past few years:

​​District 3 economic update April 5, 2014

District 3 activities 2009-2012

District 3 town hall meeting handout from April 5, 2014

District 3 activities 2003-2011​


​Please provide a summary of the top five code enforcement violations, resolved and outstanding, for districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 from 2011 to present.

​Please see this document​, which summarizes the information requested.


​Please provide a summary of crime statistics for Charlotte City Council districts 5, 4, 3 and 2 from 2011 to present.

This document​ lists reported offenses from 2011 to present, presented by Council district.


Please provide a listing of economic development activities in district 3.

​The following documents provide a good overview of what has occurred over the past few years concerning economic development activities in district 3.​ ​​

​​District 3 economic update April 5, 2014

District 3 activities 2009-2012

District 3 town hall meeting handout from April 5, 2014

District 3 activities 2003-2011​


​Please outline the City's plans to modify the administrative process required for developers to do business with the City.

​On March 19, 2015, Gartner, Inc. submitted its final report, including recommendations to improve development planning, permitting and inspection services within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. In addition to to the recommendations identified in the Gartner study, the city and county have launched initiatives to improve services, which are outlined in this document​.


​Please provide a copy of the presentation on the CATS system and economic development that was given at the Ballantyne Breakfast Club.

​Please refer to this document​ for the presentation.


​Please provide the number of business investment grants (BIGs) approved in the last 12 months and the number of jobs generated from those grants.

BIG’s approved by full Council since 7/1/14. No jobs have been reported to date for the new grants since the projects are in the development phase. Reports on facility development and jobs status will be requested in January, 2016.  (Companies report and certify their job creation each January).  It’s also important to note that 3 of the grants have 3 years to create their committed jobs, 1 has up to 5 years to create their committed jobs per the grant agreement.

Company: Sealed Air
City Grant: $1,622,569
New Investment: $56M
New jobs: 1,262
Council District: 3
Approval date: 2014

Company: AvidXchange
City Grant:$408,785
New Investment: $20M
New Jobs: 394
Council District: 2
Approval date: 2014

Company: Frito- Lay
City Grant: $1,212,129
New investment: $74M
New jobs: 31
Council District: 3            
Approval date:   2015

Company: Dimensional
City grant: $2,787,453
New investment:
New jobs: 316
Council district: 3            
Approval date:  2015


​Please provide a detailed update on the status of the Phase II application process for the CityLYNX Gold Line and funding sources for generation operations.

The CityLYNX Gold Line is a $150 million, 2.5 mile extension of the 1.5 mile Phase I project that will open tomorrow. One-half mile to the east ending at Sunnyside Ave, just short of Central Ave; 2 miles to the west ending at French Street, just past Johnson C. Smith University. The project will add eleven (11) Stops/Stations and will replace the Gomaco Trolley vehicles from Phase 1 with Modern Streetcar Vehicles.

FTA Rating: FTA has rated the project Medium-High and recommended if for Smalls Starts Funding in federal fiscal  year 2016.  The project is included in the President’s recommended budget for $74,999,999.

  • ​The City of Charlotte has appropriated the $75 million local share of the project.
  • $19.7 million in local funds have been approved to advance the project to final design and bid.
  • Staff are working with FTA to complete the Federal Checklist and submit the final request for the Small Starts Grant.
  • Staff is scheduling a meeting with FTA and the new PMO Consultant for next week to finalize a road map for final submission of the request to enter a Construction Grant Agreement
Anticipate award of a smalls starts (expedited grant agreement) between October and December 2015 and a start of construction in mid to late 2016, with construction completion by the end of FY2020.

Please refer to this document​ for additional funding information.