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Our kennels are still under construction so all dog adoptions are FREE with a monetary donation of your choice.


We've had a huge response to the staycation program. Our Staycation and Daycation programs have been suspended! We are looking for longer term foster parents. Please fill out the foster application FIRST, wait for approval, and then pick out a dog.

-Yes, we are still open. OUR HOURS ARE NOW CHANGED TO 11-5 EVERY DAY. Arrive no later than 4pm; if there's a wait, you may be turned away after 4pm.
-Remember that our adopt-a-pet page updates hourly.
-ONLY call 704-336-8007 to let staff know you are IN YOUR CAR in the parking lot and what you are looking to do. If there's no answer, leave a message. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING WHILE WAITING OUTSIDE!
-ONLY 2 people will be allowed inside at a time. Each person may be limited to the amount of pets they can interact with at a time. There could be a significant wait time.
-Daycations and Staycations have been suspended.
-We are encouraging fosters right now due to the small amount of available dogs. The purpose of the long term foster program is to give animals a longer break from the shelter environment while still searching for a permanent adopter. If you foster an animal, the commitment is 4-8 weeks and will remain available on the website with your contact info listed.

-Call 311 for Animal Control Officer emergency response. They are only responding to public health and safety calls; they are not responding to nuisance, stray, or confined calls unless otherwise deemed necessary by a supervisor. Please do not call us for nuisance complaints. We are unable to speak to people due to social distancing requirements.
-These change are active until 5/1/2020 (subject to change).

Looking to donate? You can find all items that we always need on our donation page, including our Amazon Wish Lists. We also appreciate any monetary donation that you are willing to make to help us gather supplies for our fosters.



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Monday - Friday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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