Rates & Billing


​​Residential Water/Sewer Usage Rates*

Charlotte Water is funded solely by water and sewer rates. Annual rate increases are needed to effectively maintain, improve and expand Charlotte's aging water and wastewater infrastructure.   

Effective July 1, 2018

Water Usage:

1-4 Ccf           $1.63/Ccf
5-8 Ccf           $2.10/Ccf
9-16 Ccf         $4.85/Ccf
Over 16 Ccf   $9.18/Ccf
Sewer Usage
$4.65 Per Ccf of Water Used (up to 16 Ccf for residential customers)

Fixed Fees
These fees recover costs associated with servicing customer accounts and cover:

  • Reading and maintaining more than 285,000 water meters
  • Investigating and responding to billing questions
  • Producing and mailing bills
  • Providing customer service
  • Receipt of receiving revenues
Water: $4.45/month
Sewer: $4.45/month

Availability Fees
This fee is based on the cost of water and wastewater projects needed to maintain 24/7 water service. These costs are present whether a customer uses water or not. 

Water: $2.95/month
Sewer: $7.39/month

These fees are prorated based on the number of days of service on the bill. 
The average 7 Ccf customer will pay $64.61 per month.*

*This does not include storm water fees. 

Ccf: An abbreviation representing 100 cubic feet and used to measure your water and sewer usage. This unit of measure equals 748 gallons. ​

Private Fire Line Pricing Information

Less than 4 inch -​ $1.10 per bill 
4 inch - $6.73 per bill
6 inch - $15.14 per bill
8 inch - $30.27 per bill
10 inch - $37.84 per bill
12 inch - $59.29 per bill

$2.81 per Ccf of water usage on the fire line 

​ ​​