Rates & Billing

New Bill Redesign

Check out Charlotte Water’s New Bill – As Clear As The Water We Provide!

Just as we are committed to delivering safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water and industry-leading wastewater treatment services, Charlotte Water is also committed to ensuring our customers’ bills are clear, accurate, and communicate effectively. The redesigned monthly bill makes the most of this critical way we communicate with each other.

Recent billing system upgrades have enabled us to share more detailed information with you about how your bill is calculated and how your water usage has evolved over time.

Bills with the new look and feel will begin arriving in your mailboxes in early November.

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Frequently Asked Questions

​It is true there will be a new water bill coming to mailboxes in November, but no, we are not raising rates at this time. This new bill is just a new design to make it clearer to you, and to help you find the information you need faster.

​Recent billing system upgrades provided the opportunity for us to make a change and we thought it was time. The new design enables us to share more detailed information with you about how your bill is calculated and how your water usage has evolved over time.

We hope you will notice that we more clearly show the charges for three services: drinking water, stormwater and sewer. Even though Charlotte Water only manages the drinking water and sewer systems, we provide billing for all three services on one bill as a convenience for you.  

​The biggest benefit of the new design is more clarity around the following key pieces of information:

  • There is now a much clearer delineation between the three waters (drinking water, sewer and stormwater) and how the amounts are calculated.
  • Your bill date, due date, and the amount due are prominent at the top of the bill.
  • A message center gives us space to share important announcements with you.
  • The historical water use bar chart provides an at-a-glance view of past and current water usage, so you can make more informed water use decisions in the future.
  • Convenient payment methods are shown so you can quickly pay your bill and get on with your day.
  • Your customer name and account information appear at the top of the bill, which we hope will prompt you to let us know when we need to update your contact information.

​Bills with the new design will begin arriving in your mailboxes in the November bill run.

​Good question – this was important to us, so we made sure the new bill is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and readable with software used by those with visual impairments. 

​As has been our practice in the past, our website will include information in November about the monthly bill, translated into Charlotte's five most common languages. This ensures the monthly bill is accessible to all audiences. 

​No – your experience for paying your bill will remain the same.

​No – you are all set. Automatic withdrawals you approved will continue as before.

​We've posted more information – including a sample bill and cool video – on our website at charlottewater.org/newbill

Our customers will not incur any increased costs as a result of this new design.