​​ Harbor Drive Water Main Extension Project

Harbor Drive Drinking Water System Extension Map 

Staff Contacts

Project Manager, Marcus King, 704-391-4687

Engineering Chief, Carl Wilson, P.E., 704-391-5169


Charlotte Water is installing drinking water main pipes along Harbor Drive, Pine Cape Drive, and Cold Harbor Drive in the coming months. With the installation of the Charlotte Water water mains, property owners will have the option to connect to the system and become Charlotte Water customers. 

Construction activities will be spread over two phases beginning near Moores Chapel Rd. and along Harbor Drive to Cold Harbo Drive first. The second phase involves installing the new water main pipes along Cold Harbor Drive and Pine Cape Drive. Crews will work in front of a few houses at a time as they proceed. As is necessary, the contractor may work in multiple locations. 

Property owners will remain Utilities Inc. customers during and after the construction of the Charlotte Water mains. Water service interruptions are not expected. Any existing water service concerns should be directed to Utilities Inc. 

Charlotte Water staff estimate construction activities to last 100-120 days weather permitting. Construction activities will occur between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

​​What to Expect

Construction activities will take place within the street right-of-way. However, driveway and sidewalk access may be limited at times.  Residents should maintain their regular schedule for trash and recycling pick up. The construction inspector will ensure that construction activities do not disrupt trash collection.  At times, crews will flush hydrants to move fresh water into new pipes. Residents may see water flowing from pipes and hydrants into nearby storm drains.  Construction can be loud, dirty and inconvenient. Crews will be using heavy equipment and storing materials on-site. Please be aware of your surroundings near the construction site and report any safety concerns to the project inspector as soon as possible.

Connecting to Charlotte Water
Property owners in the project boundaries will have the option to become a Charlotte Water customer. This option is completely voluntary. Funding has been made available for most homes in the project zone to be furnished with a connection tap to Charlotte Water if the customer chooses. However, customers will be responsible for paying for connecting from the Charlotte Water meter to their homes.  Charlotte Water can offer payment installments through the water bill for those customers who would like to have Charlotte Water install a service line connection from the meter to the home at the time of meter installation.