Charlotte Water

Filling or Refilling a Swimming Pool

Option 1: Call swimming pool installation or pool supply companies to get referrals of companies who fill swimming pools. Search online for 'swimming pool water charlotte,' or check yellow pages under 'swimming pools' or 'street cleaners.' Consider getting more than one price estimate. If a contractor has to haul the water, it could cost a lot so make sure they explain all costs. 

Option 2: Fill from outside spigot using an existing water service. Check past bills to calculate typical water use and how much it would cost to fill or refill the pool. If it is an empty pool, consider filling it up halfway on one 30 day bill and then fill the last half during the next billing cycle. Sewer charges apply up to 16 Ccf. (1 Ccf = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water)

Option 3: Rent a hydrant for two days if; 

  • the hydrant is in good working order. 
  • the hydrant is on your side of the street and wouldn't restrict access to the neighbor's driveway. 
  • you need at least 15,000 gallons or 20 Ccfs.

Service requires $200 charge for a technician to connect water quality protection equipment and activate hydrant for rental and turn off after two days. Additionally, water consumption will be billed at the current commercial (non-residential) water rate. The customer is required to rent or purchase an approved hose, from an independent supplier, to connect to the hydrant. Please call (704) 400-2844 and (704) 201-2832 for additional information.

Option 4: Apply for a separate water meter installed just for filling a swimming pool. Swimming pool meter charges start at tier 3 rate depending on the amount of water used during a monthly billing cycle.