Charlotte Water

South Summit Construction Updates

December 16, 2016 Construction Update

Drinking water system improvements for 500-700 blocks of South Summit Avenue are almost complete. Next week the contractor will repave / patch the asphalt disturbed by pipe construction on South Summit Street from West Morehead Street to Litaker Avenue. Due to cold weather, repaving from curb-to-curb will be delayed until spring. Charlotte Water will update you before milling and repaving.

No Street Parking December 22nd  
Work Hours: Weather permitting, crews will patch and repave the trenched part of South Summit Avenue on Thursday, December 22nd between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The rain date will be December 23rd and the same parking guidance applies should that day be needed to complete the work.

No Street Parking: No parking signs are posted so that repaving can be completed. Vehicles that are restricting paving activities will be towed to Litaker Avenue. Please make sure that vehicles are in a driveway or on another nearby street December 22nd. 

Access: Access to driveway may be restricted while repaving directly in front of the driveway. Customers may need to park on another block. 

Detour: South Summit Avenue will be closed to through traffic. While South Summit is being repaved, drivers will use Grandin Road as a detour. 

Trash Pick-up: Regular trash pick-up services should not be disrupted during repaving.

Last week, Charlotte Water received confirmation that the water quality monitoring activities associated with the NOD are complete. The last sampling results are located on the website. The final report to close out the NOD will be sent to the State by the end of the calendar year and will also be posted online. Charlotte Water is happy to say that the testing results indicate consistent high quality drinking water.  

December 1, 2016 Construction Update

Due to the forecasted weather for next week, the contractor has postponed the milling and resurfacing to start on Monday, December 12 to Wednesday, December 14.  The contractor will  verify the schedule depending on the weather outlook next Wednesday or Thursday with CLT Water.

November 29, 2016 Construction Update
Charlotte Water has completed the water main replacement project on S. Summit Ave between W. Morehead St. and Litaker Ave. and the connection at the end of Calvert St.  We are scheduled to mill and resurface the entire street of S. Summit Ave. between W. Morehead St. and Litaker Ave. on Wednesday, December 7 to Friday, December 9, weather permitting.  

November 22, 2016 Construction Update
The contractor completed the connection between the new 12-inch water main to the existing 16-inch water main on S. Summit Ave. adjacent to W. Morehead St. last night and removed the existing 16-inch valve at that location.  Several sections of existing RCP storm drain pipe were replaced today that were within the alignment of the water main at the same area.  The excavated area will be paved today to below the surface course elevation.  S. Summit Ave will be completely reopened at the intersection today. The contractor abandoned the old guard valves and gate valves in the closed position today.  The existing fire hydrants on S. Summit Ave. will be removed at a later date. Tomorrow the water main at the intersection of W. Morehead and S. Summit will be filled, flushed, the valves opened, and the water main tested by Dave Bryant. Landscaping is ongoing.

November 16, 2016 Construction Update
All services are now switched over to the new main. The 708 S. Summit building with the 4 " service had its water service transfer completed late this afternoon. Two gentlemen from CFD were on hand for Fire Watch all day and they stayed until  pressure returned to the fire line. Preparations are being made for tomorrow's  tie in at the Litaker end of the street. A valve crew will be present tomorrow to close valves to isolate the connection area as well as verify the operation of the Morehead valves. 

November 14, 2016, Construction Update
Work began today to move individual services from the old water main to the newly installed water main. Crews completed 16 moves and will continue south along S. Summit Avenue tomorrow.  As a reminder, as each service is moved there will be a temporary service outage. The outage may be followed up by cloudy or discolored water when the service returns. Flushing the indoor plumbing by running the cold water faucet for 15-20 minutes should resolve any water issues. But please contact Nathan (the inspector) or 311 if problems persist after flushing.

Landscaping and paving will occur following the transfer of all water services to the new water main.

November 9, 2016, Construction Update
The contractor for the construction project provided the following information:

"The water main connection schedule and customer outage schedule is as follows:

Thursday, November 10, 2016 - Connect the new 8in water main to the existing  8in water main in Calvert with an 8in Line Stop (no outages).  The 8in water main in Calvert is also relatively new.  We installed it around 2008.

Friday, November 11, 2016 - City Holiday

Monday, November 14, 2016 - The service transfer at each home's water meter will begin.  We will knock on the customers door to inform them that they will be out of water for approximately 1 hour while we transfer their water meter to the new water main.  After transferring them to the new water main, we generally like to run water through their outdoor spigot for a minute or so to assist with removing the air.  After that, we would like the customers to run their cold water faucet in the kitchen for about 30 seconds.  This should remove most of the air from the system, but they are still likely to get a little air from various faucets as they turn them on for the first time.  It is also possible that they may see sediment/debris as they first turn on the faucets, especially if the water pipes in their house are old. We hope to complete this process by the end of the day Tuesday, but for the public notice, let's put the end of the day Wednesday the 16th.  The customer at 708 S. Summit has a 4in fire line and 2in meter.  We would like to notify that building tomorrow, that next Wednesday, the 16th, their water will be off from 10am to 3pm to transfer them to the new water main.  Due to the fact that the building has a fire line, the fire department needs to be notified of the outage.  The fire department may request that there be someone available in the building on "fire watch".  The building has very few occupants so they may not require this.

Thursday, November 17, 2016 - Connect the new 12in water main to 2 existing 12in water mains at the North end of the project near the intersection of Litaker. 

Friday, November 18, 2016 - Connect the new 12in water main to the16in water main at the intersection of Morehead.  This will complete the water main work. 

The asphalt patch is scheduled to be paved the week of November 28th."  

November 1, 2016, Construction Update
The contractor is now moving into the last leg of the water main placement. As of the end of today, the new water main has been install up to within 70 feet of the intersection of Summit and Morehead. Tomorrow, crews will finish in front of the Savory Café. The next steps are pressure testing of the new main followed by disinfection. Once the main is tested and disinfected, services will be connected to customers along West Morehead, Calvert and Littaker. 

October 28, 2016, Construction Update
The contractor is making progress towards the S Summit and W Morehead intersection. As of this morning, the main has been installed up to the lot line of 704 and 708 S Summit. The contractor is cutting the asphalt towards the intersection in preparation for next week. The cut is being done in the morning to maintain parking for the adjacent eateries that have a considerable lunch crowd. Next week, however, the road will be completely closed at the Morehead end since the work will not be in only one lane. As the decision is made for the connection to the existing main and possible up-fits to the adjacent mains in the intersection the  traffic plan will have to be modified. Since the excavation will be considerable for the fittings to the other mains, this will occupy the vast majority of the intersection. 

October 21, 2016, Construction Update
Over this past week, the contractor has made appreciable headway on the water main installation. We are now past 617 S Summit Avenue. While the new homes have not been connected to the new main, once the main is tested and disinfected then tied into the system the resident should experience only a short pause in their service. This will be when the yoke is connected to the new curb stop/angle valve at the road. The new meter boxes  will be made uniform along the planting strip instead of some being in the yard and some close to the curb and still others next to the sidewalk. This will be an enhancement to the neighborhood as it continues to see an uptick of residents investing in their homes. 

The contractor will close the center turn lane on Monday, October 24th and possibly on Tuesday, October 25th, if needed, at the intersection of West Morehead Street and South Summit Avenue to perform soft digs to further determine the elevations on several existing utilities.  The work is required for the anticipated jack and bore across West Morehead for the proposed water main.  The majority of the soft digs will be performed within the center turn lane on West Morehead Street at the intersection.  The center turn lane closure will be performed between the hours of 9 AM to 4 PM. No left turns will be permitted during the center turn lane closure from either side of South Summit entering West Morehead. The contractor will continue the water main installation on South Summit Avenue during the soft dig operations, therefore the detour for South Summit will remain in place.

October 17, 2016, Construction Update
On Thursday, 100 feet of main and 4 services were installed. The parking problem seems to have subsided. On Friday, the contractor did initial landscaping and washed the street down to avoid messes over the weekend. Tomorrow (Tuesday) crews will be working between 528 - 624 S Summit Avenue. 

October 12, 2016, Construction Update
Yesterday 140 feet of 12 " ductile iron pipe was installed and the saddle/service taps along the stretch ending at  519 South Summit Ave. This morning several cars were p arked in the no parking zone hampering the project. The contractor was not able to start work until 9 a.m.  since one of the cars was over the area to be excavated.  This also blocks materials from being moved from the staging point and movement of any emergency vehicles. Crews will be working in front of homes located between 508 and 604 S. Summit Avenue on Thursday.

October 10, 2016 Construction Update

Yesterday the crew laid 100 feet of 12” ductile iron pipe and installed a new fire hydrant working from the Litaker /Greenway end towards Morehead. This reached up to mid-lot of 508 Summit Avenue. 

October 6, 2016 Construction Update

Yesterday crews installed 80 LF of 12" DIP down Summit Ave through the greenway section and a service for a sampling station. We encountered an unknown existing service for a lot that existed before the greenway and Duke Energy transmission lines, which took a while to properly abandon. Asphalt patch installed to 1" below surface for today's work. The final 1" of surface asphalt will be placed at one time at the completion of the project to ensure the smoothest possible ride and finish. Crews finished day cleaning up and making site safe for the weekend. Now that we are working along Summit Ave, production will slow down due to service installations, negotiating around existing utilities and limited space. Charlotte Water personnel and all crew members on-site will continue to be on the lookout for residents with questions or concerns throughout construction. There will be no work today or this weekend due to inclement weather.

October 5, 2016 Construction Update
Yesterday our crew crossed Summit Ave with water main, installed all necessary fittings and began laying 12" DIP down Summit Ave from Litaker Ave towards Morehead. Today crews will continue down Summit Ave for the first half of the day and then spend latter half of afternoon, repairing the walking trail where we crossed, cleaning up the job site and preparing it for forecasted rain and inclement weather.

ctober 3, 2016 Construction Update 
Construction began on the Summit Avenue replacement today. The contractor installed approximately 200 linear feet of pipe starting at the end of Calvert Street to the greenway trail. Tomorrow, work continues beside the greenway towards S. Summit Avenue.