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Please note that Charlotte Water will begin using the 2013 EJCDC C-Series documents beginning in Fall of 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

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Vest WTP Upgrades
FY19-1 Water Main Replacements
FY19 Water & Sewer Repairs
Landfill Tipping Fee Services
Request for Qualifications for the Design Manual and Standard Details Update
Sewer Cleaning & CCTV Services
Civil Site Work Services for Miscellaneous Projects
RFQ for Progressive Design-Build Services for Mount Holly Pumping Station and Force Main
Reverse Auction Services
Confined Space Entry Equipment
Paw Creek Sewer Outfall Replacement
Franklin WTP Water Quality Optimization and Dukes WTP Fluoride and Fire Alarm Improvements
Laboratory Direct Hire Employee Recruitment Services
Filter Air Wash Equipment
Filter Underdrains and Media
Solids Storage Tank Cover Removal at McAlpine Creek WWMF
Human Resources Job Analaysis Consulting Services
Roofing Replacement (W2R2) – Construction Package 6 (McAlpine WWTP)
Roofing Replacement (W2R2) - Construction Package 5 (Irwin Creek WWTP)
Roofing Replacement (W2R2) - Construction Package 4 Sugar Creek WWTP
Roofing Replacement (W2R2) - Construction Package 1 Catawba River Pump Station
Pre & Post Blast Survey & Monitoring Services
Progressive Design-Build Services for the Pump Stations, Force Main and Receiving Sewer Improvements
Sewer Easement Mowing and Clearing Services
Pipeline Rehabilitation Professional Engineering and Construction Inspection Services
Sludge Hauling Services
Professional Engineering Services for the Sugar Creek and Irwin Creek WWTPs UV Disinfection Systems Upgrades and Sugar Creek Preliminary Treatment Study Project
FY19 Water Main Rehabilitation
FY19 Large Diameter Water & Sewer Services Contract #2
McAlpine Creek Relief Sewer - Phase 4
Landfill Tipping Fee Services
MALDI-TOF Microbiology Analysis Equipment & Maintenance
FY19 Water Service Relocation and Water Main Abandonment
Charlotte Water Cityworks Business Partner and Related Services
Residential Water & Sewer Line Protection Program
Four Mile Creek Tributary Sanitary Sewer Replacement
McDowell Creek Reliability Improvements Phase II
Progressive Design-Build Services for Pipeline Projects

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City contractors are encouraged to implement clean construction strategies to ensure the safety and health of construction workers, the communities surrounding construction sites and regional air quality.