Charlotte Water

Installing a new sprinkler system

Step 1 - Before You Start

According to state law (House Bill H2499 and HB 1766), all irrigation systems installed after July 1, 2009 must be connected to a separate irrigation meter, unless platted prior to July 1, 2009. Also any irrigation design, construction and maintenance exceeding $2500 must be performed by a licensed irrigation contractor unless the installation work is performed by the property owner (exclusions for agricultural and nursery operations).

When installing an irrigation system, customers are required to install and maintain a backflow prevention assembly on their water line to ensure the safety of the surrounding community.

Step 2 - Apply for New Connection and Backflow Prevention Device

Step 3 - Installation

Step 4 - Annual Testing of Backflow Prevention Device

The backflow prevention assembly must be tested by a Charlotte Water approved and certified tester upon installation and annually thereafter.